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Wishful Thinking?

In the final instalment of our series on dyslexia, a mother reflects in poetry on her son’s experience at school and how educators hold the key to building confidence.

Wishful Thinking?

By Stephanie Shacaluga

William was dreaming in classroom
His imagination ran wild
He knew he should pay more attention
He was only an 8 year old child

A bird on a tree through the window
Was far more intriguing than books
His teacher’s voice there in the distance
Her face giving him funny looks

“Do you know what the answer is, William?”
She was talking directly to him
“I’m afraid I did not hear the question”
He replied with a half cheeky grin

“Get out of my class” she responded
She had just had enough of this now
So he picked up his things and departed
Back in trouble again now somehow

He walked to the headmaster’s office
But nobody seemed to be there
He sat down and made himself comfy
In the headmaster’s big leather chair

He swivelled round to face the window
And wondered just how it would be
To be there with the bird on the branches
To have wings and to fly and be free

William was certainly brilliant
His mind was wired different to ours
There was more to him than he could write
He possessed other strengths, other powers

His ideas were so grand, full of colour
He just wasn’t cut out for this school
If only they saw his potential
And stopped making him feel a fool

The headmaster stood at the doorway
So William jumped out of his chair
“Don’t you worry” he said to the boy
“I’ll sit here, you stay sitting right there”

“I’ve heard that your teachers aren’t happy
I know how you’re feeling, my man
Don’t worry I understand fully
So listen cause I have a plan

To read and to write is quite tricky
I see that you have a great mind
Your talents you’re yet to discover
And those are what we’re here to find

I’ll help you and speak to your teachers
So they understand how you learn
Then everything will be much better
You’ll see just how quickly things turn”

The headmaster’s mind was like William’s
So he knew that the boy would do well
He remembered how he felt at that age
He could see past the way he would spell

So he got all the teachers together
And explained what they needed to know
To teach children in more than just one way
So that they could help all children grow

So then William was ever so happy
And the teachers could finally see
How amazing he was as a student
Such a great man he’d turn out to be

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