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50 years later, John and Yoko’s iconic wedding recreated by London couple

Newlyweds Paul and Merilyn Drummond recreated John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s wedding in Gibraltar on the 50th anniversary.

Mr and Mrs Drummond sported custom made outfits similar to that of John and Yoko, and recreated the iconic photograph on the runway 50 years later.

The couple from London and Estonia were unable to receive an immediate wedding certificate and instead used the Chronicle to replicate the famous photo taken by Chronicle photographer Slim Simpson.

The wedding officiated by Registrar Adrian Traverso saw the couple recreate various scenes across the Rock, and pose for photographs like John and Yoko.

The pair had been planning their nuptials since last summer, and are “massive” fans of John Lennon and The Beatles.

“Sadly war isn’t over and there’s no peace in the UK, so we came to Gibraltar for some peace and love,” Mr Drummond told the Chronicle.

The inspiration for the John and Yoko inspired wedding came from a visit to a Beatles exhibition in Liverpool.
“Everyone loved the idea,” Mr Drummond said.
He added: “We thought getting married in Gibraltar would be a good idea and we’ve had a brilliant time here.”

Their custom made outfits were created by Master Tailor Henry Rose based in London’s West End, who in his over 40 year career has worked with celebrity clients such as David Bowie, Sean Connery, Mike Tyson, Gwyneth Paltrow and even one of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney.

The tailor enjoyed the couples idea so much he made the outfits for free.

On their wedding day the couple were joined by Mr Drummond’s brother from Brighton and his wife’s family from Estonia.

For the couple this special day saw a 15 year love story piece together.

The pair met when Mrs Drummond was studying fashion management in the London School of Fashion and Mr Drummond was working for Vogue magazine.

After years on and off the couple got back together last summer and decided to tie the knot.