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9th Dan visits Gibraltar Judo

Young judo athletes had a welcome visit this past Saturday with WJF Technical Director and JFAUK President, Sensai Sampson Sampson running a short weekend course at the local facilities at Wellington Front.
Sensai Sampson Sampson was recently awarded his 9th Dan by the World Judo Federation.
Youngster enjoyed some of the vast experience of this well travelled judo expert who arrived on the Rock for a second time having visited in 2019, ahead of the Island Games. His first visit establishing an initial link between the two associations, The JFAUK and Gibraltar Judo Association.
Saturday saw children enjoy valuable lessons in the art of judo which brought many a smile among what is the grassroots of Gibraltar judo. Accompanied by his son, and with the presence of local instructors, Sensai Sampson Sampson had gained the full attention of students as he introduced them to some of his expertise.
A student of judo for 50 years, Sensai Sampson Sampson received the 9th Dan award following his half-century in judo, where he has “continually and tirelessly dedicated himself to helping countless students learn and understand and develop our beautiful martial art.” This grade is recognition for his dedication and contribution to the gentle way.
Jaime Casanova, President of the World Judo Federation at the time of announcing the award stating, “Since joining the World Judo Federation in 2011, Sampson has proven to be an invaluable asset to our federation. Alongside many other high grades, he has helped to establish the traditional judo competition rules which have become a staple in our organisation and one of the many reasons that federations from around the globe feel compelled to join us. Sampson has also inspired countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, South Africa and more to join the World Judo Federation through both his online presence as well as the events that he regularly runs in Europe underneath the WJF banner. Further to this, Sampson has also established a coaching curriculum that has been adopted by many countries, with the aim of assisting coaches, clubs and member federations to foster the development of judo in a constructive and effective way.”
“Going above and beyond to support the judo community, Sampson and his organisation, Judo For All UK (JFAUK) has regularly donated tatami to Greece in order to assist with the development of judo in their community. Thanks to his work, the community in Greece now have an abundance of tatami to use for the training, events and as well as for their outreach which supports disadvantaged members of society such as those suffering from substance addiction and those recently released from incarceration. He has continued to act selflessly in full adherence to Kano’s philosophy of Jita Kyoei – mutual prosperity.
“Beyond the World Judo Federation, Sampson has become an influential figure in the wider judo community through both his regular seminars as well as his online platform which has amassed over 34,000 subscribers eager to learn from his experience. His continuous work to spread the word of judo via his platform is a true modern day expression of Kano’s own philosophies.
“In addition to all of the above, one thing stands out above all else, which is Sampson’s skill on the tatami. His excellence in the technical understanding of judo is phenomenal, and all who have had the pleasure of sharing the mat with him can agree. We thank Sampson for his ongoing work in supporting and promoting traditional judo, and recognise his tireless work through this grade.”

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