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ABC Leagues National Record Broken

The Gibraltar Target Shooting Association held this weekend the 2nd ABC league matches with national records broken during the events.
In a press report issued this Monday the GTSA reports, “The mixed gender Air rifle  league  was held on Saturday at the 10meter range.   The air rifle discipline is extremely difficult as shooters do not have any support in standing and  that’s  why they wear  leather jackets, pants and boots for support and stability, 10meters is not a long distance but when you have to shoot a pellet,  to  get a 10.9,  the size of a pin head,  my that’s not an easy task to achieve, it’s difficult and not many can attain this only and as in all sports with training and commitment.   The 2nd league match  started  and after shooters settled  their nerves and getting their positions right,   the real competition commenced and  after a while some  shooters started to feel the shakes in their legs  and the palm tree sensation which is swaying side to side, but  this did  not  discourage  anyone  and after  75 minutes the  first place went to Mairead Sheriff  who shot 604.9. Kristina back from Uni shot 597.5  for second spot and in third place, Maxime Buhagiar shot  586.0. a personal best in the league.” 
‘On Sunday it was time for the  not so small guns,  prone event,   ABC league match in small bore shooting, in this discipline you only wear a leather jacket again for stability  and hitting a 1cm diameter at 50 meter is also complicated as the wind and other elements come into play.   This  day was full of elements which made shooting a challenge with lighting levels changing,  tricky windy conditions, but this did not deter our shooters from  high performance shooting as Wayne Piri broke the National Record  with a score of 622.7  great shooting by Wayne. In second place Albert Buhagiar shooting 609.6  and in third place Mairead Sheriff shot 603.6.   In the development league   Francis Avellano  shot 599.4  for  first place and for the  second position it was down to the last shot as Darren Sheriff shot 584.5  just edging  Michael Bautista by 2.5 points,  Michael shot 582.0. a very good experience for Michael as this was his first  league match and shot  a personal best.   The third league match  will take place in a fortnight’s   time just before Christmas.  Will someone else break a National Record ?  Will there be more personal bests ? Will the sporting rivalry between Darren and Michael continue, all up for grabs ‪in two weeks‬ time.  Should any one wish to  try this magnificent sport,   Please give us a call on  ‪58609000‬ or email us at‘

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