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ADVERTORIAL: Midtown Clinic’s Growth: A Commitment to Quality Healthcare for Gibraltar

Dr Carsten R. Steiner and Jorge Espada

The Directors of Midtown Clinic are proud to introduce new incorporations to the team of specialists, with an significant increase range of medical services to offer.

This expansion represents our unwavering dedication providing top-notch healthcare services to the entire community of Gibraltar.

Over the years, Midtown Clinic has strived to become a cornerstone of healthcare excellence in Gibraltar.

Our commitment to meet the evolving healthcare needs of our community remains steadfast, and these recent developments underscore our dedication.

The addition of highly skilled specialists to our team means that we can now provide an even broader spectrum of medical services. Whether you require specialized consultations, advanced diagnostics, or cutting-edge treatments, we are here to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Your trust and loyalty have been instrumental in our ability to expand and enhance our services. It is through your feedback, engagement, and continued patronage that we have been able to evolve into a comprehensive healthcare institution.

As we move forward with these exciting changes, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire Gibraltar community. Your belief in us has allowed us to reach new heights in healthcare provision.

We look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest standards of care and dedication.

Midtown Clinic remains committed to your health and well-being, and we are thrilled to embark on this new chapter together.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey, and we look forward to serving you and your loved ones with the upmost care and professionalism.

Discover Dr Mohamed Salem’s exceptional care at Midtown Medical Clinic

Dr Mohamed Salem is one of the two General Practitioners at the Midtown Clinic. A GP treats all common medical ailments and refer patients to other specialists in the clinic or to the hospital if required.

Dr Salem has excellent knowledge of the common ailments afflicting the people on the Rock as he has been in practice for over 35 years, making him a trusted name in healthcare.

He has seen the provision of healthcare evolve over the years having worked in the old St Bernard’s Hospital and now continuing to bring his wealth of experience to the Midtown Medical Clinic.

Dr Salem is not just a doctor you see casually, he is essentially your ‘family doctor’ who provides comprehensive care for all ages. He isn't just a physician; he's aims to be a friend, a confidant, and a trusted healthcare advisor. Many of his patients have been with him for decades, spanning generations.

He also uses the network of specialists from the clinic, modern diagnostic tools and even therapies like physiotherapy and counselling.

“If any patient needs specialist consultation or needs further investigation, we can arrange that,” he said.

“We got almost all the specialists here. If the patient needs to see a specialist, I always refer them to see the specialist. If the patient needs any blood tests, we can arrange for that and any investigations like an ultrasound scan, CT scan, MRI scan, we can do that.”

“If the patient needs physiotherapy treatment, osteopathy, a chiropractor, or needs counselling we got all this treatment here,” he added.

In addition to seeing patients in the clinic Monday to Friday every morning and afternoon, Dr Salem can make home visits to patients who need it.

Dr Salem also does well men and well women check-ups.

“People generally aren't aware of the importance of this because life has become very fast, very busy and very stressful,” he said.

“But now people have become aware the need to look after their health.”

Dr Salem expertise extends beyond general practice. He specializes in minor surgeries, removing lumps, skin lesions, and more under local anaesthesia.

Meet Dr Agnieszka Biel your trusted GP at Midtown Medical Clinic

In the heart of Gibraltar and with Gibraltar in her heart, newcomer Dr Agnieszka Biel aims to bring compassionate and knowledgeable General Practitioner skills to patients on the Rock.

With her fresh approach and dedication to patient well-being, she is making Midtown Medical Clinic a destination for comprehensive, up-to-date medical care.

She firmly knows and stands by the fact that building a strong doctor - patient relationship begins with trust and comfort. She prefers to be addressed by her first name because she believes in making healthcare more approachable and less intimidating. In fact, people can simply call her Dr Agi.

Hailing from Poland and with experience in both Poland's medical system and the UK's NHS, Dr Agi brings a unique perspective to Gibraltar's healthcare landscape.

She has a passion for women's health making her a valuable resource for women seeking expert advice on topics such as HRT, contraception, and the menopause, and can also perform cervical screening.

However, she is not limited to any single area of expertise. As a true generalist, Dr Agi thrives on the variety of cases she encounters as a GP. Whether it's paediatric care, men's health, or any other medical concern, you can trust her to provide thorough, up-to-date guidance and treatment.

“I became a GP, because I wanted to be a generalist, I didn't want to focus on one area. I really like everything,” she said.

“I think being a freshly qualified GP has, of course, its benefits and some might say that there are some drawbacks, but I've been a doctor for seven years so I'm not that fresh.”

However traditional her GP values are, she does not shy away from innovations. While like all doctors she needs to log a number of professional development hours a year, she is not afraid of technology and embracing new ways to treat or assist her patients.

Dr Agi likes to empower patients with information and believes that informed patients make healthier choices. During her consultations she takes the time to educate her patients on their health conditions, treatments, and available options.

Looking towards the future she states that the Midtown Medical Clinic continues to be committed to offering state-of-the-art medical services. Dr Agi and the clinic are introducing advanced testing for Covid, flu, RSV, and strep throat. With these tests, you can expect quicker and more accurate diagnoses, leading to more effective treatments.

Dr Jaime your trusted paediatrician at Midtown Clinic
If you are looking for a dedicated paediatrician who not only cares for the health of your child but also understands the complex challenges they might face, Dr Jaime Gutiérrez del Álamo is qualified and eager to help.

While he specialises in general paediatric care, making him a seasoned professional when it comes to children's health, he also has an deep interest in immune system disorders.

One of his primary focuses is on the healthy development of children and he achieves this by offering thorough assessments and guidance on common issues like neurological development, emphasising the importance of early detection and intervention.

“I think there is an important thing in public health and, in general in developed countries, we are not used to seeing children with a lot of diseases. It's like they are always healthy for us. I think in developed countries this is due to vaccinations,” he said.

“But paediatricians are doing a great deal with preventing possible problems and promoting health. So the main objective would be to avoid problems.”
“And these problems are becoming more often.”

He noted that he has seen children’s neurodevelopment affected by a sedate lifestyle where they are using technological devices. With an increase in children with ADHD as a result, he believes that diagnosing any issues as soon as possible is key.

While he excels in providing day-to-day healthcare for children, he also specialises in chronic and complex conditions.

“There are children with a lot of medical devices and complex diseases. And I find it amazing because you discover an incredible world in those families, in those patients. And I don't know if this is correct. Well, maybe they are my favourite patients. Because I feel this is my place and these are my people,” he said.

While he deals with the youngest of children daily, he also understands the unique needs of older children and teenagers. He is prepared to offer support, guidance, and care from birth to the age of 16, with the option to extend care in cases that require it.

Discover the Remarkable Orthopaedic Expert: Dr Ignatios Chatziandreou

Dr Ignatios Chatziandreou, is an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hips and knees. Hailing from Greece, he has dedicated decades of his life to the study and application of orthopaedics.

His association with the Midtown Clinic dates back to its inception and he has been an integral part of the clinic's success since. His dedication and passion for his work are evident in every patient he treats.

He offers consultations every Thursday at the clinic and carries out the procedures in Spain.

His specialisation lies in knee and hip surgeries, particularly replacement surgeries, and his patients range from older individuals seeking relief from degenerative joint conditions to younger individuals with sports-related injuries. His ability to tailor treatments to the unique needs of each patient sets him apart.

His less invasive methods of surgery result in a shorter healing time.

“I am shifting to these new techniques, I never stopped to find and to create new techniques, surgical approaches, etc. But it's very important. Because if you do the surgery the other way, it is even more is a trauma in the body. You will have a slower recovery,” he said.

“And people, if they are older. If they have a slower recovery, they lose muscles. And it's very difficult to build back these muscles again. So that's why surgery that is minimally invasive is very important.”

Dr Chatziandreou's commitment to innovation has not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Spanish National Prize of Medicine in 2023.

He also has the ability to communicate fluently in Greek, English, Spanish, and German, which is an invaluable asset as effective communication with patients is crucial in ensuring their understanding and comfort throughout the treatment process.

Dr Rubén R. Carvajal, a vascular specialist at Midtown Clinic

Dr Rubén R. Carvajal’s speciality is angiology, vascular and endovascular issues where he focuses on the intricate world of vascular diseases, encompassing arteries, veins, and the lymphatic system.

Trained in Spain and various countries around the world, his extensive knowledge covers both the medical and surgical aspects of vascular health, offering a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Among the most prevalent vascular conditions he addresses is venous insufficiency, particularly varicose veins. This condition affects a significant portion of the population and often leads to discomfort, fatigue, and reduced quality of life.

Dr Carvajal said, "Varicose veins are a common issue that affects both men and women, and they often impact people's daily lives, especially those in professions requiring prolonged standing."

At the Midtown Clinic he offers a range of minimally invasive, in-clinic treatments that provide relief to patients, improving both aesthetics and comfort.

Additionally, Dr Carvajal Andrews addresses arterial diseases, including atherosclerosis which poses a risk to the heart, and other vital organs. He emphasizes that lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, blood pressure, and cholesterol management play a crucial role in preventing and managing these conditions.

“All these factors of healthy lifestyle are key points for the development and establishment of peripheral arterial disease. So we can take care of this, we can take care about prevention,” he said.

“I will say there is medication that we can give to the patient to prevent these cardiovascular risk factors at the time that the disease is already established, and we can make the secondary prevention so they do not suffer an aggregate attacks.”

“That's the kind of medication that I call to live better.”

“It's really mandatory to make good analysis and evaluation of the situation to know the risk that the patient has.”

For patients with arterial disease, he offers a variety of treatments, ranging from minimally invasive procedures like angioplasty to surgical interventions.

He is in the clinic once a week at present “but the frequency can vary based on patient demand."

His commitment to providing continuous care is evident, and his reputation among patients speaks volumes.

Discover the comprehensive care of Dr Álvaro Flores oncologist at Midtown Clinic

In the world of medical oncology, the role of specialists is pivotal in providing patients with hope, comfort, and a path towards recovery Dr Álvaro Flores, is a shining example of excellence in this field at Midtown Clinic.

He specialises in oncology, a discipline that encompasses the treatment of various cancers. Upon diagnosis, Dr Flores tailors a meticulous treatment plan, aligning it with the latest international guidelines. This approach encompasses chemotherapy, surgical intervention, or radiotherapy, depending on the specific needs of each patient. He not only works in Gibraltar but in the UK and Spain too, thereby ensuring patients receive the best available treatments, even if that requires treatment abroad.

Dr Flores believes in the power of early diagnosis and screening, particularly for breast and prostate cancers. His commitment to these screenings has had a significant impact by helping individuals detect cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage. Such screenings, include PSA tests for prostate cancer.

For the cancers that are not detected early he said, “We have to analyse the situation see the stages of the disease at this point. And after these we can prepare based on the guideline and most curative treatment for these.”

“In the majority of cases would be based on radiation, chemo, and surgery.”

He does not just focus on cancer, he also extends his expertise to various other medical issues, such as the management of musculoskeletal conditions, pain relief for conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Utilising radiation therapy, he offers solutions that alleviate pain and improve patients' quality of life.

In addition to the medical aspect of his practice, Dr Flores emphasizes the importance of emotional support, understanding that a patient's journey extends beyond treatment. He takes pride in not only treating the disease but also providing comfort and guidance throughout the process.

His affiliation with Guy St Thomas Hospital in London gives him an added appeal as this hospital is considered one of the best cancer hospitals in the UK.

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