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All to aim for as GTSA entered last day of tournament

It might have looked as a sleepy start but after two days shooting as shooters started to walk in for the third day of the GTSA Summer tournament.
The tournament had a,ready seen two days of action with shooters involved in three events each day.
As Gibraltar representative Wayne Piri commented he was knackered from the two days and not really looking forward to the third day.
After all arriving at 830am on a bank holiday Monday as the rest of Gibraltar were only just stirring had its drawbacks
But Wayne, although humble when you conversed had already shown that he was on top form. As GTSA president Albert Buhagiar, himself a competitor in the GTSA Summer tournament, commented Wayne was on top form having been practicing throughout the year and fine tuning his skills.

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The participants were slowly tricking in one by one. Except for Mr Buhagiar Piri and his son were the second to arrive. With boxes at the ready they waited for the order “boxes open.”
Ammunition at the ready.
And as they unboxed and readied for the final day each had their own way of focusing and finding their sweet spot in concentration.
There was no rush from participants as they took their aim and tuned their sightings ready for the competition.
The final day already had a favourite with Wayne leading the pack after two days of shooting.
He had steep competition not just from other local shooters but from former Commonwealth gold medalist Dave Phelps.
Both shooters were literally shoulder to shoulder taking the 13 and 14 slots on the floor.
There was little animosity between them with both conversing freely with each other before the competition started.
However, as the boxes were opened and the shooters prepared there was little eye contact both finding their focal points towards their tasks ahead.
Steep preparations during the past year had seen Wayne Piri starting to reach a peak in his performance although the shooter was humble when asked how he was going saying that he was just doing well.
Phelps, with many years of international experience behind him and many hours on the range to fine tune his skill had borne the brunt of the global pandemic lockdowns which had seen his training affected.

What had been expected to be Wayne Priri’s main rival was lagging behind as they started the final day of shooting. But all was still to shoot for in the three event competition.
With the sun shinning down on the targets as they readied there was something bright to aim for all.
As the announcement went out ‘competition start’ there was a silence then pop. A steady pop with pauses between as shooters aimed for the highest points

We shall be posting the official results later once received from the GTSA.

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