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Bado reaches final eight of Winmau Junior Darts Open

The second day of JDC World darts events in Gibraltar saw the Europa sports hall host the Winmau Junior Darts Open.
Some 256 of the top junior darts players participating in this years event competed for the £2000 prize monies. Organisers calling on competitors to respect and consider others emphasising how reactions during play should be controlled even though the emotions of the game would see excited reactions during play. The organisers calls were applauded by those watching an players as they prepared to set off on the next stage of the JDC events.
Gibraltar was to see four of its players reach the final 32 competitors with Nico Bado reaching the final eight.
He was to come against English player Luke Littler where he would come undone early on.
After going down 3-0 early on Nico Bado made a fight back winning the next set, but was unable to stop Littler take the final sixth set.
Nico who has already won the Captains Cup and now reaching the final eight of the Winmau Junior Darts Open playing against Under 18 year old players once again highlighted the vast progress the young player has made in recent years.
Segui, Saxby and Duo, in reaching the final 32 and having faced some strong competitors on their way there also highlighted the depth of strength once again emerging in another crop of young Gibraltar darts players.
The youngsters following in the footsteps of the likes of Hewitt, Galliano and Negrette among others who have emerged from the youth ranks and now compete at senior level.
Notably Nico Bado, who competes in the seniors in Gibraltar has been pulling his punches in the local leagues alongside the youth teams that are among the top ranked teams in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar’s Winmau Junior Darts Open Results

Top 256

Fransen(Belgium) 4
Martinez 2

Top 128
Bazillion (Italy) 4
Dyer 2

Segui 4
O’Sullivan (Ire) 3

Eacock (Eng) 4
Ramirez 3

Van Leorop (Hol) 4
Ward 0

Saxby 4
Karatiana (NZ) 2

Bado 4
Balsamo (Hol) 0

Duo 4
Siljbrands (Hol) 0

Bennett (Eng) 4
Fortunato 0

Top 64

Segui 4
Eacock (Eng) 2

Saxby 4
Myrvang (Den) 3

Bado 4
Lacey (Eng) 1

Duo 4
Demspey (Can) 2

Top 32

Woodman (Eng) 4
Segui 1

Van Bijnen (Hol) 4
Saxby 0

Bado 4
Savelkoel (Bel) 1

Gesquiere (Bel) 4
Duo 0

Top 16
Bado 4
Kaiwai (NZ) 2

Last eight

Nico Bado 1
Luke Littler (Eng) 4

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