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Bado starts Gibraltar’s JDC World Cup hosting with victory in Captain’s Cup

Gibraltar darts that hosts this years Junior Darts Corporation World Cup and World Championship started the week in style with youngster Nico Bado becoming the champion of the Captain’s Cup trophy.
The young darts talent, who is now considered as among Gibraltar’s elite darts player, beat 26 team captains from across the world, including World Champion team captains.
Gibraltar today, Tuesday, saw the opening of the main event with the team procession.
The 2022 Junior World Cup of Darts has been attended by Eighteen Nations from across the globe coming from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, South Africa and Mongolia. The latter the first time competing at such an event at junior level.
The event opened by Minister for Sports Steven Linares is among one of a five year agreement between Gibraltar and JDC to host events in Gibraltar, bringing the elite of junior darts to the Rock.
With the annual PDC Gibraltar darts trophy now completing its agreement and not expected to return the JDC event is the highest profile darts competition hosted on the Rock.
As the ceremony started the main stands of the Europa Sports hall were filled by officials, relatives and supporters of the teams participating.

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