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Big Pay days for clubs in Europa League

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Both St Joseph’s and Europa FC will be guaranteed to take with them €220,000 each for their participation in the preliminary round of the Europa League. This irrespective of their results. Qualification in the first round will ensure that they receive a further €240,000.
Lincoln for their part will be receiving a further €260,000 for their participation in the second qualifying round of the Europa League.
The monies are part of UEFA’s distribution of funds for clubs participating in the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League.
UEFA released details of the distribution of revenue to clubs from the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League and the 2018 UEFA Super Cup as well as solidarity payments for the qualifying phases prior to the start of the competition.
In their announcement they revealed that the gross commercial revenue from the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League, the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League and the 2018 UEFA Super Cup is estimated at around €3.25bn.
Of the estimated gross amount of €3.25bn, €295m will be deducted to cover organisational costs relating to the competitions, and 7% (€227.5m) will be set aside for solidarity payments. Of the resulting net revenue of €2.73bn, 6.5% will be reserved for European football and remain with UEFA, and the other 93.5% will be distributed to the participating clubs.
On the basis of the above revenue forecast and set allocations, the total amount available for distribution to participating clubs in 2018/19 is €2.55bn, of which €2.04bn will be distributed to clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup, and €510m will be distributed to clubs participating in the UEFA Europa League. Furthermore, additional contributions from UCL clubs’ share will be made as follows:
• €50m to UEFA Europa League clubs’ share
• €10m to subsidise solidarity payments to clubs eliminated in the qualifying phase of the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.
Gibraltar’s club have in recent years played primarily in the preliminary round and first round stages, with the league champions heading into the second qualifying round through the Champions League path.
Under the new distribution system in the Solidarity payments, €107.5m will be distributed to the clubs as follows:
UEFA Europa League – champions and main paths
Each club participating in the qualifying rounds will receive the following amounts per round played:
• preliminary round – €220,000
• first qualifying round – €240,000
• second qualifying round – €260,000
• third qualifying round – €280,000
• play-offs – €300,000 (eliminated clubs only). No solidarity payment will be made to the winners of this round. However, they will retain the payments received for the preliminary, first, second and third qualifying rounds, as applicable.
Share for clubs participating in UEFA Europa League (group stage onwards)
Forecast amounts (total €560m)
Clubs entering the group stages would also benefit from Coefficient ranking worth and estimated €84m and Market pool worth an estimated €168m.
Lincoln Red Imps who have qualified for European domestic competitions as league champions will be looking at a higher pay-off this summer after their inclusion in the Champions League Preliminary Round and now inclusion in the second qualifying round of the Europa League.
Lincoln Red Imps will be among the clubs who will be paid €260,000 for not qualifying for the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League group stage (if the latter were also to happen). This in addition to the amounts due for participation in each qualifying round. Each club participating in the qualifying rounds that does not qualify for the UCL play-offs will receive additional amounts per round played. In Lincoln Red Imps case their participation in the preliminary round will have earned. them €230,000.
This means that Lincoln Red Imps’ next match guarantees them a total of €490,000, excluding any further market pool, TV rights or other funds which will be distributed at the end of the competitions.
Qualification into the third round of the Europa League would further increase their benefits from going through via the Champions League path adding a further €280,000.
Both St Joseph and Europa will know their fate in the Europa League this week. St Joseph’s having played last night, whilst Europa will be looking to overturn a 3-2 deficit against Sant Julia tomorrow.

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