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Christmas wishes come true in ‘Lost Reindeer’ production

The Lost Reindeer is a story of friendship and hope that follows the adventures of Rudy the Red Nose Reindeer who gets lost and ends up in Gibraltar.

She meets Gabby, an unhappy 10-year old girl who has recently lost her dad and is being bullied because she has to clean other peoples’ houses in order to help her mum get by.


Together, the new friends set off to reunite Rudy with Santa Claus just before Christmas Eve, while Gabby learns a lesson or two about hope and magic and believing.

The Lost Reindeer was this year’s Christmas performance by students at the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts which was held in Ince’s Hall.

The students sang to the more popular Christmas songs including Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.


The younger GAMPA members all joined in Revolting Children, something which Rudy told her friend Gabby she does not have to worry about because she is a good girl.

With Christmas Eve fast approaching, Rudy is desperate to be reunited with Santa Claus ahead of the busiest day of the year for him.


Rudy explained that she is a leader in training and the granddaughter of the famous Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
She was checking the sleigh to make sure it was okay when she was caught by a snow storm.

While the new friends get to know each other, Rudy tells Gabby to write a letter to Santa to send her wishes.
Gabby said her ultimate wish is to see the snow.

Rudy said: “Imagination can take you wherever you want, don’t be such an adult.”

“Close your eyes and imagine we can go wherever you want to go.”

Rudy and Gabby open their eyes and find themselves in the middle of New York, with the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping period and snow falling around them.

Despite their New York adventure, Rudy is sad because she says she cannot use her imagination to take her back home.
“You can’t give up,” Gabby said.

“You are part of a long line of Christmas heroes.”

Rudy and Gabby attend the school Christmas concert, where Santa usually visits at the end.


The school concert features performances by Transitions Dance Academy and the Med Dance Mediterranean Dance Studios.
There was also a selection of Christmas songs by GAMPA Players and the Gibraltar Youth Choir.

Just as they are nearing the end of the performances, Santa Claus turned up and exclaimed: “Rudy! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

“I would have stopped looking for you but you know the future of my sleigh ride depends on you.”

Happy to see Santa once again, and safe in the knowledge she will be returning to her home and her family, Rudy tells Gabby: “Magic does happen at Christmas, and if you wish hard enough anything can happen.”

Gabby was the happiest 10-year old girl when snow started to fall all around her.

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