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Contestants sign up for Mrs Gibraltar 2023

Mrs Gibraltar 2022 Joely Borda, 1st Princess Siham Boulhit and 2nd Princess Michelle Harrison Photos by Justin Koen

The recruitment process has ended for the Mrs Gibraltar 2023 pageant with 10 contestants signing up. The competition was open to women with children over 22 years of age or married, in a relationship, separated, divorced ladies between 25 to 49 years of age who do not have children.

Georgina Victoria White
37 years old
Mother of a year-and-a-half-old baby boy
Loves belly dancing, musical theatre and listening to Lady Gaga.
“I have always enjoyed modeling and always regretted not entering Miss Gibraltar, so when I was finally eligible for Mrs Gibraltar, I thought why not?!”

Gail Cortes
24 years old
Mother of a one-year-old baby boy
Loves modeling and has been modeling since a very young age as a hobby.
“I decided to join Mrs Gibraltar 2023 to boost my confidence, enjoy the experience and to make friends along the journey.”

Kyreille Garcia
31 years old
Mother of two boys
Enjoys working out at the gym and going on hikes with the family.
“As I spent the better part of my life taking care of others, whether it be family or friends, I am at a point in my life where I feel it’s time to invest in myself.”

Francesca Giling
29 years old
Two children: one son, one daughter
Loves outdoors activities, hiking, cycling and exploring.
“I decided to join Mrs Gibraltar because I would like to put myself out of my comfort zone and I think this platform is the perfect opportunity to do so. I am also interested in the adventure this will bring.”

Roxana Vilerio
30 years old
Mother of three boys and stepmother of four children
Loves reading , writing, socializing, modeling and volunteer work.
“I love modeling and helping people with different causes and this is a platform that brings both my passions together, so I simply could not miss this opportunity.”

Tessa Pace
29 years old
Mother to one boy
Her passion is fitness, enjoying Zumba classes. She also loves spending time with her son making valuable memories.
“I have decided to sign up this year as I entered back in 2022 and I totally loved the experience and the whole journey in general, so I thought to myself ‘why not sign up again and relive the experience’.”

Natalie Wink
39 years old
Enjoys traveling, reading , watching documentaries and keeping up to date with current affairs.
“As I entered last year, it wasn’t my intention to join this year, but I am going to be 40 this year and after meeting an inspirational group of older ladies, I thought, why not do what I love again?”

Krystel Gonzalez
26 years old
Mother of three children
Her hobbies involves staying active, dancing and cooking.
“I decided to sign up for Mrs Gibraltar as I wanted to boost my confidence and feel better about myself.”

Victoria Walker
32 years old
Mother of two girls
Loves being a mum and traveling the world with her family .
“I decided to sign up because it was, first, the advice of a friend working in the Aesthetic industry, and second, my passion is female empowerment so anything that makes women feel more confident and beautiful, I want to be involved in.”

Nadine Guerrero
42 years old
Mother of four children
Her passions are both modeling and dancing.
“I decided to enter Mrs Gibraltar this year because I love the experience and feeling of being on a stage and also the opportunity of meeting new people along the journey.”

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