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Critical acclaim for local dancer in London

Young Gibraltarian dancer Zoë Bishop, co-founder and co-owner of an emerging contemporary dance duet, Bite Dance, continues to receive great reviews in the UK press. Bite Dance is a collaborative work between dance artists Zoë Bishop and Alice White which has seen their most recent work ‘Still Laughing’ premiere at this year’s Resolution festival at The Place Theatre.
The Times dance critic Siobhan Murphy praising their work wrote how “sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Still Laughing is an investigation of laughter in all its guises: brief, focused, affecting and memorable… as voice snippets discuss the nature of laughter, the pair run through the repertoire, from dainty tee-hees to raucous guffaws, laughing at themselves, each other, and audience members, exploring laughter’s gestural language, then sliding into vaudeville-like movement, with Chaplin-esque struts”.
London based reviewer Fergus McIntosh praised the duo for concocting “an elaborate and complex score that not only keeps us engaged in its talented execution, but entertained through intelligently crafted humour as well. The gestural genius we are presented with leads us from absurd face-pulling, to fiendish mimicry, to a dark juxtaposition of their neutrality against the dizzying hysteria of laughter on a recorded soundscore. Still Laughing is a surreal, fresh and powerful lungful of hilarity”.


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