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Data shows ‘poor control’ of lockdown impact on people with diabetes

The diabetes ‘timebomb’ is continuing to tick ‘louder and louder’, Diabetes Gibraltar has warned, as it revealed data indicating how diabetics’ conditions had deteriorated in lockdown.

The charity revealed that people with Type 2 diabetics in Gibraltar gained an average of five kilos during lockdown and stressed the negative impact this could have on their health.

Diabetes Gibraltar also said the average three-month sugar readings of diabetics locally had deteriorated “showing poor control.”

“During this year of Covid 19 and lockdown, support and exercise are more important than ever for the diabetic person,” the charity said.

“The stress of the lockdown can cause us to comfort eat and go for those sugary treats we gravitate towards when stressed.”

The charity urged diabetics not to dwell on this, but rather to improve by leading a healthy lifestyle and ensuring their condition is regularly checked.

As of March 2020, there were over 3,000 diagnosed diabetics in Gibraltar and international statistics show that one in four people do not know they live with diabetes.

As part of their World Diabetes Awareness Month campaign, the charity is highlighting the serious nature of diabetes and the complications that could arise if unchecked.

Diabetes Gibraltar is also giving advice on symptoms and for diabetics to live a healthy life.

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