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Denmark dismiss any chance of an upset describing it as “easy” as to why

Denmark’s assistant coach John Dahl Tomasson provided a clear indication of Denmark’s perspective over their opponents, Gibraltar, when he pushed aside any question there could be any type of upset in tomorrow Euro 2020 qualifier match. Highlighting that Denmark were there to win and played only to win.
A packed press conference room with most of the Danish media visiting Gibraltar attending, something they had not done earlier in the day for the Gibraltar team’s press conference already marked the differences that set both sides apart.
A decision to conduct the press conference mainly in Danish, with no translator, after taking some initial questions in English ensured the exclusion of the local press in understanding what was being said.
Starting first in English the Danish FA expressed its satisfaction at the fact it was going to play in front of 750 of its own fans.
After giving a quick rundown of the team’s preparations Denmark’s assistant coach said that “this game of course we need to win but our creative players need to stand out as well. It’s also important that we are losing the ball sometimes, sometimes it’s good to make mistakes, but why do I do this to win back immediately, and we are doing that.”
Also adding that he was “proud to be Danish for the supporter we have here tomorrow to cheer for us and we will be ready for the game tomorrow.”
When asked how in a match which was like a David and Goliath, with Gibraltar so far down the ranks in comparison to themselves at 13th how he could prevent an upset he remarked, “It’s quite easy. Look at those two boys and look at the rest of our team they are top professional players they are used to playing all types of games there is one thing that matters, winning games. And winning games is one of the big things which is happening this year. Our culture is to win games, to win games, we haven’t lost a game for ages and we will keep on doing that .”
After conducting the rest of the press conference in their own language without a translator available for the local media, when asked at the end “what respect they held for the Gibraltar team they were facing,” the Danish assistant coach qualified his previous answer saying that “off course they were there to win” but added that in “every match there is respect for your opponent.”
Ironically, Denmark’s initial attitude was in deep contrast to that from the Gibraltar public, especially youth players who waited outside the gates to catch a glimpse of goalkeeper Kasper and the likes of Christian Eriksen welcoming the team to Gibraltar.

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