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Farewell RG members

Images show various Royal Gibraltar Regiment Personnel being presented with leaving gifts at Battery House.

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) held a coffee morning at Grand Battery House, where the now former Commanding Officer of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment took the opportunity to bid farewell to nine members of the Regiment.
Captain Roberts joined the Regiment in 2012 as a Platoon Commander. During his time with the Regiment he has deployed on numerous exercises to the UK and Morocco and also deployed as an instructor to the Gambia as part of a six-man training team.
After a short career with the RG Captain Roberts has now transferred to the 1st Battalion Fusiliers where he will be able to use his experience in the RG as a stepping stone to other opportunities.
WO2 Silva joined the Regiment initially as a member of the Volunteer Reserves in 1993. He then joined the Regulars in June 1995 after completing his catering training at both Pirbright and Aldershot.
WO2 Silva has had an impeccable 23 years of service, that has seen him deploy on operations to Iraq and Northern Ireland, as well as on numerous exercises to both the UK and Morocco. He has always excelled in his trade and will be remembered as the ideal role model for upcoming chefs within the Regiment.
Sgt Wahnon joined the Royal Gibraltar Regiment Volunteer Reserves Corps of Drums in October 1983. During his 33 years service in the Regiment he has taken part on numerous ceremonial commitments, more notably taking part in public duties in London in 2001 and 2012.
LCpl Hoile joined the Regiment in March 2007 and completed his training at ITC Catterick. He promoted to LCpl in May 2013 and has been fortunate to deploy on operations in Iraq. Although having only been in the Regiment for 10 years he has managed to gain a lot of experience from his numerous career courses, within the Signals element of the Infantry. As a soldier he has truly taken all the opportunities provided to him and has made the most of it.
Cpl Broadhurst joined the Regular cadre of the Regiment in October 2008, at the age of 32. Because of his maturity, he very quickly put his experiences to good use and opted to re-trade as a vehicle mechanic. Cpl Broadhurst has been respected, by both the Regiment and training establishments, as being a top quality individual and a competent mechanic.
LCpl Cross joined the Regiment in September 2011. A very charismatic and eager individual, LCpl Cross decided very early on in his career to re trade into the clerical department. During his short career in the Regiment, and due to his exceptional fitness, LCpl Cross was able to complete the Physical Training Instructor course - a course that is not easy to complete.
Ptes Torres, Duyunov and Victor have all deployed on numerous exercises to both the UK and Morocco. Although very junior soldiers they have managed to gain plenty of valuable experience from their time with the Regiment.
At the coffee morning Lieutenant Colonel Ivor Lopez, still Commanding Officer of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, at the time said: “It is always very sad to say farewell to our soldiers, especially those who have had such a long career. I wish all of them the very best and I am sure that all the experiences they have gained during their time in the Regiment will benefit their future employers.”

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