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For Mabélle Imossi, lockdown gives chance to creativity

Local photographer Mabélle Imossi has been snapping throughout the Covid-19. She spoke to the Chronicle about her inspirations and how photography has made confinement a bit more bearable.

Lockdown was more bearable for local photographer Mabélle Imossi thanks to her selection of cameras and her creative streak.

Covid-19 lockdown and the restrictions that were imposed did not restrict Ms Imossi from creating.

“I believe creativity is within the person. I love photography but few know it is not my first passion is in Music and writing. My creative flow has suffered little during the lockdown, in fact, being able to express myself via my photographs, poetry and my musical compositions, has made confinement a bit more bearable,” she said.

Ms Imossi has been an artistic photographer since 2005 when she started to take photographs to write her poems on for a virtual poetry exhibition of her poetry works. She has won numerous photographic awards, including top prize in the 2020 Gibraltar Photographic Society’s Exhibition.

In addition, she has also been ‘Photographer of the Year; on four occasions.

She has also been published in three books, ‘A year in the life of Gibraltar’, ‘Gibraltar, Nature’s Mountain’ and ‘40x29 Gibraltar Personalities Exposed’.

She mainly use three cameras, the one she picks up the most is her Nikon D810. But she also enjoys capturing moments with her Zenith 11 and Zenith 12 which are film cameras she uses for black and white photography.

“During lockdown and lack of venturing out to interesting areas, it has been difficult to produce a constant flow of work,” she said.

“Nevertheless, during this time I have been able to expand my birds and flora collection.”

“At a time like this, such a beautiful place as is the Alameda Botanic Gardens, comes in very handy especial if it is opposite your residence.”

“Also during the lockdown I have been able to expand in macro without leaving my house, by making use of my lightbox,” she added.

She admits that while she enjoys all types of photography she particularly likes low light shots.

“In addition I have always found Black and White photography interesting and challenging, I think it is because stories and emotions come through much stronger,” she said.

“To see in colour is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white, is a delight for the soul.”

Had she not been in lockdown in Gibraltar, she would choose to be in lockdown in Morocco. Which is no surprise as Morocco was the focus of one of two photography series she worked on with GBC.

The series “Wise Eyes On The Road” was filmed in 2017 and was about her and her team’s travel through Morocco.

“There is a country that captivated me on my first visit and which I keep going back to, Morocco,” she said.

“It’s rich culture, untouched wilderness, historical towns of amazing architecture, its vibrant colours and lively markets, etc makes it a photographer‘s paradise.”

“A little imagination goes a long way in Morocco. If Aphrodite chills at home in Cyprus for most of the year, then Morocco must be the goddess’s playground. It surely is mine.”

“Having said this, I very much would like to visit with my equipment Iceland, Tibet and Vietnam.”

See more of Ms Imossi’s work online via:

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