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Free from single use plastic

A lesson in sustainable sports practice was put to the test during the Island Games and with huge success.
Many locals would have been surprised to have seen ‘water bearers’ as some would call them filing large bottle of water during intervals by the sidelines, along corridors, o stands. The practice was widespread and one which highlighted how use of single use plastic bottles could be ceased in sport.
Gibraltar Island games introduced across all venues fresh tap water portals where athletes and the public were invited to make use of instead of purchasing single use plastic bottles. More so, you just could not buy a single use plastic bottle at any of the venues. Even purchased bottles were biodegradable containers reducing the impact on the environment.
The widespread use of the facilities meant that the Gibraltar Island Games saw little need for cleaners to collect dishes single use plastic bottles which many a Time has littered our venues after sports events. With over 2000 sportsmen competing during six days the impact on the carbon footprint is estimated to have been immense, with Gibraltar successfully putting the concept to the challenge.
Widespread distribution of free reusable water containers also saw much of the public enjoying the use of the free tap water facilities. Many already bringing their bottles filled up to the venues. Many carrying them around freely from site to site as they enjoyed the sports.
The practice was so far reaching and widespread that there were few who noticed the changes except those who generally stay behind to clean up the litter after events. ‘It’s been so much easier,’ a cleaner stated during one of her breaks.
Among one of the things seen was the introduction of large water containers for teams which were readily available
Label next to changing rooms at some venues. These could be picked up by teams filled up and reused before returning after the event to the same place their were picked up from, usually next to the water distribution points.
Hopefully such a practice will be maintained across all sports sites now the facilities have been put in place for the island games with other locations which were not used to the games hopefully getting the same treatment.