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‘From sea to plate’ adds a touch of adventure to food prep skills

Westside and Bayside teachers have collaborated to provide a unique learning experience for Food Preparation and Nutrition A-Level students called ‘From Sea to Plate’.

Ms Grech from Westside and Ms Baitson from Bayside recently orchestrated an unforgettable educational trip that left a lasting impression on their students.

The adventure introduced the concept of ‘from sea to plate’ in the most hands-on way possible.

The educational experience took students out into the Bay, where they were able to develop a life-skill in catching their own Albacore fish with local angler, Lee Torres.

“The students eagerly took to the waters, casting their lines and learning the age-old craft of fishing,” a spokesperson for the schools said.

“The thrill of the catch was palpable as they reeled in their Albacore, an experience that few of them had ever encountered before.”

What made this outing even more special was the immediate connection between nature and food preparation.

Back onshore, right beside the boats, the students were given a lesson in the art of gutting and cleaning their catches.

Mr Torres took the time to explain the importance of sustainable fishing practices and respect for the environment, instilling a sense of responsibility in these young learners.

Upon returning to school, the real culinary adventure began.

Guided by Ms Grech and Ms Baitson, the students put their culinary skills to the test as they prepared and cooked their freshly caught fish.

The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction was evident throughout the experience.

“The teachers noted the genuine excitement and engagement of the pupils throughout the entire journey,” the schools said.

“Smiles, laughter and a genuine sense of curiosity radiated from their faces, underscoring the immense value of such experiential learning opportunities for our youth.”

“The 'sea to plate’ adventure organised by Ms Grech and Ms Baitson and facilitated by fishing expert Lee Torres is a shining example of how educators can go above and beyond to provide meaningful, hands-on learning experiences.”

“It not only broadened the horizons of the pupils but also instilled in them a deeper appreciation for the environment and the food that sustains us.”

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