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Fun and exercise in PAAMOA Aqua Zumba class

Pics by Eyleen Gomez

Ladies laughed and exercised in a fun filled Aqua Zumba class organised by PAAMOA at GASA swimming pool.

The Chronicle joined the group for a 45 minute session that was both challenging and invigorating, but most of all a lot of fun.

Leading the class was Natalia Adnette, who has been instructing Aqua Zumba for seven years but PAAMOA only introduced it two years ago.

“It has been a hit every since,” she said.

When asked why does she think everybody loves it so much she said.

“I think it is the music, it is very uplifting, it is very fun. It is the atmosphere. You are all the time changing moves and some of them are well known songs and it is just about having a good time.”

There is about 12 people taking part in each class and she notices an improvement in how quick people move once they are taking her class for a number of weeks.

“They pick up on the music and the moves and you see them progressing as they come along more often,” she said.

She has some people who have been coming since it was introduced and she encourages others to come and try it.

“Just come and give it a go. Give it a go. It is for everyone to enjoy and the great thing about it is you move at your own pace and you put in the effort that you want. Everybody as they start off are a bit the same they are a bit lost but as you come along you pick up the moves and you will get it. As soon as you get it, you will have fun,” she said.

Maria Isobel Anes turned 80 in April and loves the class.

“I love the music, the way Natalia deals with all of us. She is great. I also enjoy exercise as I have always done sports,” she said.

“So now I can’t do sports so I try to do exercise. I do Pilates, this and I go to aerobics for the over 60s obviously.”

She does not find in exhausting and in fact that day she arrived with a headache, which had gone by the end of the class.

“I have coming for a long time, but only to Zumba since last year as I used to come to the Aqua Aerobics but as you have to apply and there is not enough space so I got in here and I enjoy it thoroughly and I am not sorry that I have taken this class,” she said.

Yvette Ignacio is in her early 60s and takes part in the class for a number of reasons.

“Because, it makes you move, it makes you have fun and Natalia is really really good and for my sciatica it is the best thing I can do,” she said.

“It has really improved it,” she added noting the difference over the number of years she has been attending PAAMOA’s classes.

Missing is during the summer months she said she was looking forward to its return this October.

Tilly Silva, is 80, and has been doing Aqua Zumba since the classes started but also takes part in the Tai Chi classes.

“I am very active,” she said.

“The Zumba class makes me so happy. I like dancing, we are singing and I see my friends. It is a very happy class.”

She too is looking forward to getting back in the pool for the next season of classes.

She recommends everyone try it. “Look at me, come out from home and enjoy life. You have to enjoy life,” she said.

PAAMOA currently has over 450 members. The membership is free for those over 60’s and only requires a health screening form to be completed.
In person classes started again in the first week of October, visit for more details.

PAAMOA will be offering Pilates, Aqua activities and Mindful Movement together with a GSLA programme of free activities for the over 55’s.

Their website has been updated for 2021 and PAAMOA now have an email address for general enquiries.

They also have two new committee members Tina Pitaluga and Jennifer Gilson who will be joining regulars to help run the association on behalf of our members.

“We are really pleased to see our numbers growing with more interest than ever in our classes,” PAAMOA said.

“We hope to have a safe and active year and would like to thank all our tutors and committee members for their time and energy in helping to ensure the success of PAAMOA activities for 2021/2022.”

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