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Gabriel Moreno launches thirteenth poetry book

By Elena Scialtiel

Local poet and musician, Gabriel Moreno, is launching his thirteenth book – the fifth in English - on April 4 in London, at the Seven Jazz Quarters, with a piano recital during which selected poems will be read.

A special launch is scheduled for July 5 in Gibraltar, with a soirée devoted to local fans.

Published by Patuka Press and funded by the Ministry of Culture, this poetry collection is titled ‘Heart Mortally Wounded by Six Strings’, a nod to Federico García llorca’s poem Corazon malherido por cinco espadas, where the five swords are replaced by the six strings of a classic guitar, instrument always accompanying Mr Moreno’s performances.

He also adds the word ‘mortally’ to remind readers about living in the moment and being inspired by it.

“I write about the pursuit for language, culture and identity, about Gibraltar’s – and mine – mix of Mediterranean and English culture, how they run parallel, or overlay, and how one can find individual artistic identity on this blurred horizon,” Mr Moreno said.

Topics range from love, music, art, adventure, culture, politics, society, existentialism, effects of the pandemic.

“Poetry is the quest for the truth, so I am seeking my own version of it, peering beyond the mainstream of news and opinions we’re bombarded with,” Mr Moreno said.

The overall message of both his poetry and song is to seek truth, identity in life and art, encompassing, exploring, understanding and accepting all influences: “Mix them all, to create something unique and true to yourself that can be inspirational to yourself and your community,” is the bottom line.

To young poets dreaming to following his footsteps he recommends to find their original voice, away from commercial influences, Mr Moreno said: “Songwriting is not a career but a personal relationship with each song, and a journey for the soul. It is about having something constructive to say, and the need to say it artistically.”

This book took three years to put together, and now is available from Amazon,, and soon to be purchased in Gibraltar from the John Mackintosh Hall.

As a self-styled minstrel, Mr Moreno prides himself of having created a new form of expression in poetry and music, consistent with his social and artistic creed, and he is busy on the live music scene with his band Quivering Poets.

Together, they are currently polishing their fifth studio album, Wound in the Night, featuring his trademark sound of musical fusion, and infusion, from the crossroads of culture influencing his poetics, such as flamenco, blues, oriental, jazz, where the guitar is always queen.

Soon, the Quivering Poets will embark on a 42 week tour of Europe stretching until early 2024, starting from 12 shows in Italy from April 20, followed by 20 dates in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands - and others TBA.

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