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GGCA champions Customs’ members after collision incident

The GGCA has come out in support of its Customs members following last Friday’s collision, while also highlighting “difficult and dangerous duties” undertaken while chasing smugglers.

In a statement to the press, the GGCA said “it fully supports its Customs’ membership in the difficult role they undertake in apprehending suspected smugglers”.

“If it were not for the relentless efforts of Customs Officers to control the nocturne smuggling trend, the criminal activity would escalate, resulting in an unsafe and undesirable environment for our whole community,” said GGCA.

This statement follows an incident in the early hours of Friday morning when an unmarked Customs car was rammed during an anti-smuggling operation in Bayside Road.

A search for the suspect vehicle ensued and it was chased down Devil’s Tower Road by another Customs vehicle which then crashed into the Quick Fit garage.

An officer was taken to St Bernard’s Hospital for treatment after sustaining facial injuries.

The GGCA said it understands that this sort of “illicit activity” is primarily carried out late at night and early in the morning.

“Furthermore, smugglers consistently undertake this criminal behaviour with an ‘at all costs’ attitude, with no intention to stop when Customs Officers attempt to apprehend them,” the GGCA added.

The union is calling for the general public to understand the role Customs plays in combatting smuggling activity within the community.

The GGCA added: “The GGCA would like to express its support for its Customs’ membership vis-à-vis the difficult and dangerous duties undertaken, especially after last week’s incident where an officer was injured as a consequence of chasing suspected smugglers.”

The investigation into this incident continues as the suspect has not been found yet.

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