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Gib set to mark 1967 Referendum in a major way

This year, September 10, Gibraltar will mark 50 years since the 1967 Referendum. This momentous occasion and defining moment in the Rock’s history – when the people were given a say in what its future should be and in which the people voted overwhelmingly to remain British, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia said, was a major event which the Government felt should rightly be celebrated.
The Government, he said at a press conference yesterday at No. 6, would like as much emphasis as possible during these celebrations and would like to see many people joining in.
“We will be urging people to participate and enjoy all the Government intends to organise – not just on National Day, when it will be an extra-special National Day which of course is organised by the SDGG.”
The referendum, he emphasised, represented at a symbolic level, the fact that British sovereignty over Gibraltar had come to rest on the living wishes of the descendants of the people who had lived on this Rock since 1704.
“It was the first time the people of Gibraltar were given the choice to remain British or to come under Spanish sovereignty. On a turnout of 95.8%, 12,138 people voted to remain British and only 44 voted for Gibraltar to become a part of Spain,” said Dr Garcia.
The 50th anniversary events, expected to mirror those of the 75th anniversary of the evacuation in 2015, will be celebrated over a period of months leading up to Referendum Day – Gibraltar’s National Day. There will be a major exhibition, concert and memorial event, special coins, new set of stamps and the publication of a commemorative booklet. These will be distributed to schools in order to highlight the anniversary of this important event.

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