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Gibraltar Cricket expands partnership agreement with ECN as Midweek league gets going

Gibraltar cricket continues to get a boost as it enters into its second midweek league games with a further announcement this week of the expansion of its partnership with European Cricket League.
Whilst the midweek league is aimed at providing opportunities for all levels of the game, the partnership with European Cricket Network has opened new opportunities for Gibraltar cricket with the potential for players to play in European competitions.
The European Cricket Network is a platform for cricket development in Europe, committed to revolutionising the sport across the continent. Through live broadcasts, innovative initiatives, and strategic partnerships, the ECN strives to enhance the profile of European cricket on a global scale.
Last week Gibraltar Cricket and the European Cricket Network (ECN) announced they had expanded “their partnership, building upon their successful collaboration to date. This strategic alliance has already witnessed the hosting of four remarkable events in Gibraltar, including spectacular night events at the renowned Europa Sports Complex.”
“This strategic alliance has already witnessed the hosting of four remarkable events in Gibraltar, including spectacular night events at the renowned Europa Sports Complex,” said a media release by ECN.
“Since the inception of their collaboration, nine Gibraltarian teams have had the privilege of participating in ECN broadcasted cricket tournaments, a number expected to grow in the years ahead. Gibraltar Cricket has been at the forefront of pioneering cricket development, having made history earlier this year by hosting the first-ever Women’s European Cricket International matches under floodlights between Gibraltar, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands. Additionally, thanks to the unwavering dedication of Gibraltar Cricket and Richard Cunningham, the ECN broadcasted Men’s T20Is between Gibraltar, Malta, and Portugal, further igniting the spirit of international cricket in Gibraltar.
“This new agreement signifies a momentous stride forward in the partnership, establishing a Steering Committee that will assist Gibraltar Cricket in its strategic plans for the future of night, domestic, and international cricket events. It is a comprehensive initiative that will present opportunities for players, umpires, and support staff across all levels. The domestic champion of the Gibraltar Cricket top-flight league will proudly represent Gibraltar at the prestigious European Cricket League, known as the Champions League of European cricket.
“Moreover, this partnership will dedicate funding to enhance support for children’s cricket, ensuring the growth and development of young talent. Financial assistance will also be provided to bolster the resources available to umpires and ground crew, enhancing the overall quality of cricket infrastructure. Furthermore, it will open up expanded opportunities for both men and women to compete at the international level, solidifying Gibraltar Cricket’s commitment to gender equality in the sport.”

Mark Garratt, President of Gibraltar Cricket, commented via ECB, “We are thrilled to take our collaboration with the European Cricket Network to new heights. This expanded partnership signifies our joint commitment to fostering the growth of cricket and providing unparalleled opportunities to our players, officials, and cricket enthusiasts. We look forward to working closely with the ECN and realising our shared vision for the future.”
Daniel Weston, Founder of the European Cricket Network, also shared his enthusiasm, stating, “The European Cricket Network is immensely proud to work alongside Gibraltar Cricket in their relentless pursuit of accelerating the growth of the game. This expanded partnership reinforces our collective efforts to propel cricket to new heights in Gibraltar and create a lasting legacy in the game for both men and women. We are excited about the future possibilities that lie ahead.”
The expanded partnership between Gibraltar Cricket and the European Cricket Network marks a significant milestone in the journey to elevate the sport of cricket in Gibraltar. Through strategic collaboration and shared ambition, both organisations are poised to leave an indelible mark on the international cricketing landscape.
In the meantime the midweek week 1 games concluded with Bavaria CC currently sitting on top of the points table.

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