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Gibraltar Disability Society seeks clarity on Brexit and blue badges

Photo by Johnny Bugeja

The Gibraltar Disability Society is seeking clarity on whether local disability parking badges would be recognised in Spain and the wider EU in the event of a non-negotiated outcome to Brexit treaty talks.

The society was reacting after the Government released a booklet last week setting out details of no deal planning.

“Unfortunately there is no mention in said guide on the continued use of local disability parking badges in Spain in the event of no deal,” the Gibraltar Disability Society said in a statement.

The society said it had raised this issue in 2020 in discussions with the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia.

“The Disability Society welcomed the view that Gibraltar should, after 31st December 2020, continue to recognise EU issued parking badges,” it said.

“We also hoped that this would lead to reciprocation from other EU member states.”

“We understand that this, up until today, has not been an issue.”

“Dr Garcia rightly point out that the use of EU parking badges by local holders is much higher in Spain than in most other EU member states.”

“The society, therefore, said it would fully support any initiative by Government to take up this matter directly with the Spanish Government.”

“We have written to the Deputy Chief Minister today to re-raise the matter, particularly as there is no mention of this important subject in the recently issued guide.”

“We look forward to receiving a reply in the same efficient manner as we did when this issue was first raised.”