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GIDA competes in online World Dance Championships

The Gibraltar International Dance Federation Dance Association (GIDA) recently competed in the second half of the International Dance Federation online World Dance Championships 2021.

The first half was held back in June and this is now the second year that GIDA has competed online at the IDF World Championships due to the pandemic.

The IDF decided to divide the 2021 Championships into two halves in order to cater for the 19 different dance styles that usually compete over three stages on the live event.

Some 10 nations participated including Gibraltar, England, France, Spain, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Croatia and Hungry, with over 1250 dancers taking part and performing over 1000 choreographies.

In the first half of 2021 Worlds GIDA Team Gibraltar members competed with great success in the Fantasy Dance, Free Show and Fit Kid Sections. In the second part GIDA dancers performed in the Dance Show category.

The 2020 IDF Worlds was a smaller online event and was postponed until February 2021 where GIDA competed scooping a total of five firsts, one second and two third places.

With only months to prepare for the 2021 Worlds GIDA worked solidly.

GIDA is passionate about dance and improving the standards of local dancers and choreographers.

The Association is proud that amongst its dancers this year there were competitors who were in further dance education and even professionals.

Any dancer or choreographer interested in joining this team can send a video and explain why they wish to be part of GIDA.

GIDA hopes that in 2022 the team will be able to compete live in Marina Dor Valencia.

Anne Marie Gomez GIDA President and IDF International Judge judged on both 2020 and 2021 Worlds and attended the IDF AGM in preparation of 2022 IDF Worlds.

Dancers were as follows:

Mini 6-9 yr olds
Erin Doherty

Youth 10-13 yr olds
Sebastian Diaz
Lili Murphy
Adrianne Diaz
Maxine Sciortino
Elsa Parody
Ella Byrne
Rebecca Benggio
Katie Jessop
Celine Sciortino
Gemma Casciaro
Kate Vinent
Ruby Mc Grail
Eva Doherty

Amy Segovia

Jonathan Lutwyche
Nathan Anson
Nicola Dewar
Anne Marie Reading

Part one results:
1st Youth Fantasy Solo Male -Sebastian Diaz
1st Youth Fantasy Solo Female-Elsa Parody
1st Youth Fantasy Group -Sebastian Diaz ,Maxine Sciortino,Eva Doherty ,Rebecca Benggio ,Ella Byrne and Adrianne Durante
1st Youth Free Show Dance Group -Sebastian Diaz,Lili Murphy,Adrianne Durante ,Ella Byrne and Maxine Sciortino

2nd Youth Fitkid Solo Male -Sebastian Diaz
2nd Youth Free Show Group -Ruby Mc Grail,Celine Sciortino,Gemma Casciaro ,Erin Doherty ,Amalia Romero ,Kate Vinent and Lucia Diaz

3rd Youth Fantasy Duet -Celine Sciortino and Gemma Casciaro

4th Junior Fantasy Duet -Amy Segovia and Katie Jessop
4th Mini Fantasy Dance Solo -Erin Doherty
4th Youth Free Show Female Solo Maxine Sciortino

Part two results:
1st Adult Dance Show Contemporary Duet -Jonathan Lutwyche and Nicola Dewar
1st Youth Dance Show Jazz Female Solo-Lili Murphy
1st Youth Dance Show Classical Group -Sebastian Diaz,Lili Murphy,Adrianne Durante,Eva Doherty,Maxine Sciortino and Katie Jessop .

2nd Youth Dance Show Male Contemporary Solo-Sebastian Diaz

3rd Adult Dance Show Female Jazz Solo -Anne Marie Reading
3rd Adult Dance Show Contemporary Duet-Anne Marie Reading and Nathan Anson

4th Youth Dance Show Female Jazz -Maxine Sciortino

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