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Glacis start season with victory over Mons Calpe

Glacis United started their season on the front foot going ahead after just twenty two minutes against Mons Calpe.
The only team not to have played in the first matchday Glacis United had a chance to assess their opponents prior to starting their own campaign. Having seen Mons Calpe defeated by Lynx it was no surprise that Glacis started confidently.
With Joseph Chipolina now reinforcing their defensive ranks Glacis gave little space for Mons Calpe in their attacks. A disciplined first half performance closing down their opponents.
The first strike at goal came just after eight minutes with Jordan Perez putting in another good save after a strike from Pecino.
Although Mons Calpe had a short spell forcing Glacis back the latter capitalised on a mistake by Mons Calpe’s defence.
An awkward back pass which forced Perez to hurriedly clear a ball looking to creep to goal saw Clinton receive the clearance at the edge of the box.
The talented 24 year old who is still to be recognised for national team selection with composure slotted past Perez to score Glacis’ first goal of the season.
Clinton once again displaying his talents which have often been overshadowed by his disciplinary record.
He was also to create a handful of chances with his distribution. Although Mons Calpe effectively cancelled these out through their offside play.
Mons Calpe could have equalised just moments after Glacis scored when Johnson created some doubts over his handling as he saw the ball trickle through his grasp letting Duarte free onto goal.
The quick reaction from Joseph Chipolina who had tracked the player back impeded what should have been an easy goal with a last second block at the goal mouth.
Glacis came close to scoring a second with Pecino left free in front of goal in the 26th minute. However, the player’s attempt to volley ended with no contact made on the ball letting Mons Calpe off the hook on that occasion.
The first half was to finish with Glacis in the lead and making Mons Calpe chase as they played the short pass possession game.
The start of the second half saw Glacis United taking control of the initial possession showing greater discipline and confidence on the field. Their opponents providing evidence of some sloppy defending and lacking ideas on how to break through Glacis United’s defence. Mons Calpe lucky not to concede early after giving away a free kick at the edge of the box. Fernandez sending his attempt just inches over the crossbar.
Clinton who had just been booked after a minor clash with Duarte close to the hour mark and looking at risk of further bookings was to limp off after a challenge from behind. Nafal Andaloussi taking his place.
Mons Calpe’s first chance in the second half did not come until the 65th minute after a free kick was given away close to the corner flag.
The ball swung to the near post half cleared by the keeper but allowing Mons Calpe to keep the pressure on for a short while before they gave possession away again without a second attempt.
Nafal was soon in action with some nifty footwork opening ground for Glacis to go forward. His positioning upfront also causing Mons Calpe problems which led to a shot at goal by Fernandez after space was opened up. His shot going wide over the bar.
Glacis were saved some red faces by keeper Johnson’s quick reaction to come out of his penalty area to beat attackers to a loose ball after a lacklustre attempted clearance by his defender gave the ball away.
This saw Mons Calpe take the opportunity to put Glacis under pressure for a short spell, although once again with little effectiveness in front of goal or the final third of the pitch where they were losing possession.
On the 75th minute it was Nafal who was to have a chance in front of goal go amiss. A great ball from the right across goal just needing some more power to Nafal’s header to direct it into goal from inside the goalmouth.
The encounter between the two clubs which had in the past been overshadowed by tensions and flurry of yellow cards was by contrast this time to see few of the tensions. Referee Tim Reoch keeping a good command of the game from early on and stamping his authority early on.
Jordan Perez was also to produce another important stop when he denied Glacis a goal with an outstretched foot by the goal line as the match entered its final ten minutes.
Glacis were to hold on, slowing down the pace in the final minutes which hampered Mons Calpe’s flow and their attempt to pressure for the equaliser.
Glacis first three points of the season could prove crucial in the battle for top six in the first round. Mons Calpe who were expected to be among the teams battling for position already having dropped six points against their closest rivals. Their first two matches this season seeing Mons Calpe lacking their usual bite which has characterised them in the past and seen them challenging high in mid table.
Glacis for their part now having gathered their first win and provided many positives after maintaining a disciplined well structured performance will be boosted in their attempt to challenge for top six which will allow them to compete for a place for European football. Something which has up to now alluded them.

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