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Government public housing policy is in ‘crisis’ – GSD

The GSD has said the Government’s housing policy “is in crisis” as it flagged how more than 100 people have remained on the housing list since 2011 awaiting the allocation of a home.

In a statement the GSD said the Government had “failed” the 111 people who were on the housing list before the 8 December 2011 are still on the list.

The party said: “The 2011 GSLP/Liberals Manifesto promised each of those 111 people a flat and the Government have failed each one of those applicants who have been waiting since the promised 2015 by the latest for an allocation.”

“In addition, the recent attack on Action for Housing led by Henry Pinna, who together with the Group’s members have spent decades helping people to access housing is a shameful and disrespectful display and further reflects a crisis in housing.”

According to the GSD, Action for Housing ‘quite properly’ raised a serious question over the direct allocation of a flat which allowed an individual to jump ahead of many people on the housing list.

The Opposition said it has for many months now asked the Government to confirm its plans for the development of new rental homes and the Government “point blank refuses” to provide any further information or detail on the announcement.

Shadow Housing Minister, Elliott Phillips, said: "The Government continues to fail the 111 people who have been waiting for years beyond the Government’s promised date for a home.”

“The Government are out of touch with normal working people who have been waiting many years for an allocation and when Action for Housing legitimately question why someone has jumped to the front of the queue the Minister sends a shameful rebuke to an organisation that continues to help many of our citizens with their housing problems.”

“We call on the Government to immediately confirm when the Government intends to house the 111 people as they promised seven years ago,” he said.

“We also ask the Government to set out their plans for the development of further homes for rental.”

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