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GSD concern about staffing at Dr Giraldi residence

Government statistics for manning levels at Dr Giraldi Home and associated satellite flats during 2016 reveal the work force is 45% dependent on subcontracted workers from recruitment agencies, the GSD said yesterday.
In a statement, GSD MP Lawrence Llamas flagged two areas of concern that he said derives from a care service being so heavily dependent on subcontracted workers.
Mr Llamas said: “Firstly, there is a continuity of care for the service user issue, this is of paramount importance. I have been campaigning for better structured policies to ensure there is better continuity of care since I became a Member of Parliament.”
“Secondly, there is a concern which has been expressed to me by a care worker who has stated that there are so many new faces appearing at the care facilities, that it is impossible to know whether the person is a subcontracted worker or a random person off the street.”
This, he said, was “extremely troubling and concerning given we are dealing with placing vulnerable adults in a very vulnerable position.”
Whilst it may be right and just for Government to argue that they growing the social care sector, there are elements of concern which arise from this short-term approach to care workers, the GSD said.
“There may be issues with regards to the terms of engagements these workers are contracted on, and the long term profit making of recruitment agency owners at the expense of the labour provided by the subcontracted worker, but the priority has to be that service users receive the best care possible.”
Mr Llamas therefore called on the Government to prioritise this issue and ensure a sustainable service rather than “a fire fighting short-term approach as we are seeing now”.

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