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GSD says Govt’s response on affordable housing is ‘bizarre’

The GSD has accused the Gibraltar Government of a “scattergun blame-game” of the GSD in a “bizarre” attempt to deflect criticism for its “stunning failure” to deliver affordable housing projects as was promised in 2017.

It said the Government’s response to GSD concerns raised in Parliament was “hollow and transparent” and that the Chief Minister had failed to answer questions on the financing of the project.

Asked whether financing was in place for Chatham Views and Bob Peliza Mews, Fabian Picardo had told the GSD that “no delays are expected to arise as a result of financing”.

But the GSD said he was sidestepping one of its central concerns.

This, it said, was “…leading many to the inescapable conclusion that it is simply not available in its original form or that much greater outlay will be required because of the delays.”

“As usual Mr Picardo points to the past although, in fact, Mr Azopardi has not been in Govt since 2003 - nearly 20 years ago and Mr Bossino never has been a Minister.”

“In so far as the GSD track record in office what should be obvious is that it recovered Gibraltar from the social and financial crisis where Gibraltar had been placed by the previous GSLP administration in 1996.”

“There will be plenty of people that will not forget that.”

“There is now a need to do so again given the deep financial spiral that the Government finds itself in because of Mr Picardo’s massive breach of promise.”

“He can no longer be believed or trusted to recover Gibraltar.”

The GSD said the government had “run out of steam” and was making “big mistakes” and was unable to deliver.

It said this would only get worse the longer the GSLP/Liberals remained in office.

“Mr Picardo’s references to Rumpelstiltskin are childish,” the GSD added.

“The more appropriate allusions would be to Rod Tidwell’s desperate calls to Jerry Maguire of ‘show me the money’ in the 1996 movie.”

The GSD said that after 11 years in office, people wanted the Chief Minister to account for his own mistakes rather than point fingers to the past.

Successive Government had sought to build on the achievements and tried to correct the errors of previous administrations, the party said.

“That is so obvious that it almost doesn’t need to be said,” it added.

“Perhaps six or 12 months into his administration he might have got away with pointing to the past.”

“But not after 11 years.”

“Everyone can now see through such a ridiculous smokescreen.”

“The GSD has said what it will do in Government and we will continue to do so and in greater detail.”

“The electorate will have a clear choice at the next election - to stay in this condemned spiral with Mr Picardo or deal with issues and get Gibraltar back on track with the GSD.”

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