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GSD wants Govt to collect arrears from ‘everyone’ not just Govt tenants

The Government’s efforts to recover the “staggering” amounts due in respect of arrears must be applied across the board not just on public housing tenants, the GSD has said.

The GSD said it has been supportive of Government attempts to recover those amounts due in respect of arrears, including arrears of rent.

These efforts, however, cannot be focused primarily on Government housing tenants, the GSD stated.

“It must be applied across the board,” the statement read.

The GSD said it was shocked when, in answer to parliamentary questions last month, the Government revealed what is owed by the top 30 debtors in respect of PAYE, social insurance, Corporate tax, personal tax and other Government arrears.

For example, the GSD said, one entity owes £582,402.73 in respect of PAYE and £306,069.88 in social insurance and another owes £364,113 in respect of PAYE and £316,998 in social insurance.

The top debtor for rates owes £590,127, the top debtor for personal tax owes £320,978 and the top debtor for corporate tax owes £359,008.

The top 30 debtors in the area of PAYE owe a total of £4,437,325.25.

The respective figure in terms of Social Insurance stands at £3,233,960.92.

The top 30 Personal Tax debtors owe £2,924,424.79, and Corporate Tax debtors owe £3,211,980.55.

The corresponding figure for rates is £1,469,977.70 and Electricity is £394,848.64.

Daniel Feetham, the Leader of the Opposition, said: “These are very substantial figures. We cannot just pursue ordinary people living in housing estates. Everyone has to pay their share.”

“It should also be borne in mind that the Government owes taxpayers £30 million in tax rebates in respect of which, only £10 million is to be repaid in this financial year.”

“Many of these people owe Government no money at all and it is doubly unfair on them not to be paid by Government and then see these debtors owe such significant sums.”

Mr Feetham added that the Opposition will be asking the Government further questions about this issue including what action is being taken to recover these debts in Parliament today.


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