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GSD welcomes ‘idling’ measure for vehicles

Library image of a queue at the border.

The GSD has welcomed the initiative to encourage drivers not to idle their engines while waiting in queues in order to improve air quality in some areas.
This follows the Government’s advice to motor vehicle owners to turn off their engines when stationary instead of letting them idle in a bid to reduce transport pollution.
As a result, a series of signs are expected to be placed in various locations across the Rock asking drivers not to let their engines run idly.
In a statement the GSD said it was an “obvious measure” to apply in areas such as the frontier queue and at the runway crossing ‘where there are known to be significant periods where vehicles are stationary and drivers should be encouraged to stop their engines’.

Trevor Hammond, spokesperson for the Environment and Transport said: “This measure was recommended in the Government's Environmental Action Management Plan for completion by 2013.”
“I'm not sure why it has taken Government four years to now decide that this is a good idea but I am pleased that they have come to this decision.”
“I have been pressing Government in Parliament on this issue for some time, initially raising the matter in February 2016 when the Minister for Transport was unaware of the report content of what 'no idling' signs were.”
“This was followed up in March this year with further encouragement given to Government to introduce this measure, I look forward to seeing the measures being introduced.”

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