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GSLP/Liberals call for ‘respectful political discourse’ after campaign posters vandalised

Photo via GSLP/Liberals

The GSLP/Liberals on Thursday called for “respectful political discourse” after a number of its campaign posters were vandalised in different locations around the Rock.

The Alliance said posters had been defaced or ripped from public display boards.

“As we enter approach election day, with campaigning intensifying, we call for respect from all sides and urge for a peaceful and respectful political discourse,” said GSLP leader Fabian Picardo.

“We believe in the fundamental democratic right for all political parties and candidates to express their views and engage in healthy political debate during an election campaign.”

“Vandalism and destruction of campaign materials only serve to undermine the democratic process, hinder free expression, and sow division within our community.”

“We in the GSLP/Liberals firmly believe in the principles of democracy, diversity of thought, and the right to express political opinions freely.”

“We understand that election campaigns can be emotionally charged, and tensions can run high, but we encourage all sides to remember that respectful disagreement are the cornerstones of our democratic system.”

The GSLP/Liberals urged people, irrespective of their political leanings, to refrain from acts of vandalism or destruction of campaign materials.

It called respect for the ideas and policies that each party and candidate brought to the election campaign, urging “open, constructive dialogue” on issues.

“As we continue our election campaign, the GSLP/Liberals remain dedicated to promoting a vision for Gibraltar's future that we believe is in the best interest of our nation,” Mr Picardo said.

“For those reasons we call on people to support us and we call on everyone to respect the democratic process, respect the rules and avoid any urge to vandalise any other party’s posters or other electoral material.”

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