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GSLY encourages young people to join the GSLP youth section

The Gibraltar Socialist Labour Youth is encouraging young people to get involved in politics and join the GSLY.

“The GSLY played a pivotal role in the GSLP Liberal’s campaign for re-election,” said a statement from the GSLY.

“Over 50 GSLY activists, including the GSLY’s dedicated committee, took part in campaigning for the GSLP Liberals and in securing an historic 6th electoral victory for the GSLP.”

The work of the GSLP Youth Section was recognised by the Party Leader, Fabian Picardo, in his victory speech in the early hours of October 13.

“In particular, he made reference to the outstanding work the GSLY has dedicated to the Alliance’s digital campaign,” said the statement.

This digital campaign, run across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

Much of this content was created by GSLY members.

“GSLY members actively participated in shaping policy for the manifesto, providing ideas for the campaign and assisting in all areas of the campaign,” said the statement.

“This shows the importance of young people’s involvement in politics and demonstrates that our youth can have a real impact on Gibraltar’s future.”

“The GSLY hopes that this involvement and the recognition of the GSLY in this election, will encourage more of Gibraltar’s youth to become involved in local politics and join the GSLY.”

Deputy Chairperson of the GSLY, Kerensa Palao, said that as a youth section, they often talk about being given a voice, but in this election they went further than just having a voice and instead they had an invaluable platform to gain experience, learn and contribute to the campaign.

“From participating in discussions regarding constitutional reform to holding meetings with members of the community. Every experience and conversation have helped me evolve into a more confident individual. I would encourage more young people to get involved and do the same,” she said.

Sam Marrache, GSLY Chairperson, added that the importance of the GSLY, Gibraltar’s most active and long-standing youth section, was clear for all to see in this election.

“Together with the help of our dedicated GSLP Activists and Liberal colleagues, we helped run a campaign that led to the re-election of the GSLP Liberals for a fourth consecutive term. On social media alone, our figures show that we had over 1.2 million impressions on our campaign material,” he said.

“Gone are the days where young people should feel that they have no role to play in politics. The GSLY I have led for the last few years has proven that the opposite is true. Young people have a real opportunity to make a difference.”

“I would encourage all of Gibraltar’s youth, whether you voted for us or not, to get in touch and see how you can get involved in our vibrant youth section. Message one of our social media pages or email us at ,” he added.

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