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Harbour Views raises £2,478 for Cancer Relief Centre

Photo by Eyleen Gomez

The Harbour Views annual cake sale to raise funds for the Cancer Relief Centre took place on Thursday evening.

Despite the inclement weather, this year's event saw an even greater turnout, with generous donors contributing 35 cakes, numerous trays of buns, biscuits, muffins as well as numerous raffle prizes, all contributing to the £2,478 raised.

One of the organisers, Sy Todd, said that the event was significantly busier compared to previous years.

In previous years, the cake sale was held outside, but this year it was held on the ground floor of one of the residential blocks due to the weather, and dozens of people queued out the door before the sale started.

Deliveries were also made by the team for those who could not leave their flats in the inclement weather.

The primary inspiration for the event, and to give to Cancer Relief, was the memories of loved ones who battled the disease.

“We are doing it because my mum had cancer and she used the Cancer Relief Centre and they helped us a lot as a family as well,” said Ms Todd.

“My mum passed away from cancer, so did my uncle and my best friend passed too. And we do the cake sale on the 19th of October because it's my mum's birthday.”

“It is a really good cause and they help families.”

“And it's something that everyone in the community feels strongly about. They just want to support that so and that's the reason why we keep doing it in Harbour Views because the community comes together.”

Ms Todd thanked the Cancer Relief Centre, who assisted them in obtaining permits and organising the event.

This year's event featured an extensive list of prizes generously donated by 20 local businesses. Among the items offered were restaurant vouchers and various goods.

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