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Inclusive and sensory adaptations at the Gibraltar Fair

Pic: Johnny Bugeja

The Gibraltar Fair will see sensory adaptions once again this year where lights will be switched of and sound will be minimised.

Gibraltar Cultural Services Agency, the Self Determination Group for Gibraltar (SDGG) and the Ministry of Equality have been working together with an aim to ensure the Gibraltar Fair more inclusive and sensory friendly.

These adaptations will be available all throughout this year’s fair which commences on Friday 23 to Saturday 31, August.

Sensory adaptations will be available from 7pm to 8.45pm, during which period lights will be switched off and sound will be minimised.

This will be particularly beneficial for people with autism, photosensitive epilepsy, visual impairments and hearing impairments.

“We are extremely pleased to have in some small way contributed to making the fair a more inclusive and enjoyable event for everyone in our Gibraltarian society,” the SDGG said.

“We are delighted to be able to adapt and innovate in order to bring about these changes but huge credit must go to the Minister for Equality Samantha Sacramento and the Ministry for Equality because it is they who highlight the issues and galvanise the various entities into positive action.”

This year will again see the implementation of the ‘Easy Access Pass’ (the Pass).

This Pass will be applicable in two different ways:

1. At attractions where there is a requirement to queue, Pass holders will upon reaching the front of the queue have to present their Pass to the attraction greeter (also known as ‘feriante’). The attraction greeter will then secure a seat for the Pass holder.

2. At attractions where there is no designated queue line, Pass holders will need to present their Pass to the attraction greeter at the ticket box when purchasing the ticket. The attraction greeter will then secure a seat for the Pass holder.

These adaptations will be particularly useful for people with mobility impairments.

However, it must be noted that not all rides are suitable for all visitors as each have strict operating requirements based on the containment of the ride, the force of the ride and the evacuation procedure.

Attraction greeters have to follow all rules and restrictions for health and safety reasons; therefore people are asked to please not ask attraction greeter to break these rules, they are there for the safety of all.

Consequently, attraction greeters may refuse admission to a ride if they feel that the safety of a visitor or the safety of others visitors may be at risk.

Individuals interested in applying for the Pass will need to complete an application form which is available for collection from Gibraltar Cultural Services at the John Mackintosh Hall, 308 Main Street between 8.30am and 2pm.

The application form may also be made available upon request by emailing or calling 20067236.

Applicants will need to provide proof of their disability either by the provision of a copy of their valid Blue Badge or by signing the application form waiver.

The signing of the waiver is simply to allow Gibraltar Cultural Services to contact other Government Departments, Agencies and Authorities for the purpose of the provision of proof of stated disability.

Information provided will be held securely by Gibraltar Cultural Services in accordance with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 2004.

In the case where a minor is the holder of a Blue Badge or the person with a disability, application forms may be completed by a parent or guardian.
Completed application forms need to be handed in at Gibraltar Cultural Services by no later than August 16.

The Pass will be issued in the name of the Blue Badge Holder or the person with the disability as the case may be Applicants meeting the criteria will be notified when their Pass is ready for collection.

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