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Joint relief mission for Morocco earthquake disaster

The Strait of Gibraltar Association Trust, in collaboration with EEA International MTÜ, have embarked on a humanitarian assessment mission to provide crucial assistance to those affected by the Morocco earthquake.

The joint mission, composed of a multidisciplinary team with expertise in emergency medical response and disaster relief, commenced last Friday.

The mission's journey was marked by a challenging 23-hour drive to Marrakesh.

Along their route, they stopped at camps that had the seal of the King of Morocco and met with the local authorities who welcomed their mission.

Upon their arrival on Saturday night, the team visited the army base in Marrakesh, and on Sunday, they held a meeting with a representative from the Ministry of Health in Marrakesh.

“Throughout their journey, the team witnessed remarkable coordination, organisation, and the supply of essentials, ranging from tents and bedding to food and raw materials,” the Association said.

“Along the way, they encountered only two NGOs, including the German NGO ‘Tuisa Hilft’ and the World Kitchen Organization. Additionally, the team had the privilege of meeting with and discussing risk assessment with the ‘Topos team from Mexico’, who were among the initial responders to the disaster.”

On Tuesday, a decision was made to establish a camp in close proximity to the epicentre of the disaster, where the team had been since Monday.

“Their ongoing missions involve assisting individuals and those with disabilities to reach their homes up in the mountains and distributing vital supplies,” the Association said.

“To enhance these efforts, the team has formed a partnership with the German NGO ‘Tuisa Hilft’.”

The Strait of Gibraltar Association Trust and EEA International MTÜ thanked all individuals and organisations involved in supporting their mission.

“Our teams continue to work tirelessly to provide aid, comfort, and hope to the affected communities during this challenging time,” the Association said.

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