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La Linea’s PSOE condemns graffiti on eve of investiture vote

The La Linea branch of Spain’s PSOE party yesterday condemned graffiti scrawled on the walls of its headquarters in which the Socialists were accused of being “traitors”.

The graffiti was scrawled on the eve of today’s investiture vote, in which the PSOE, in coalition with Unidas Podemos, is expected to receive sufficient backing in parliament to form government.

Mr Sanchez lost the first vote on Sunday, where he needed an absolute majority to form government.

But in today’s vote, Mr Sanchez requires a simple majority and has secured commitment from Catalonia’s separatist ERC party to abstain.

That means that he is likely to be sworn in as prime minister of Spain by a majority of one single vote.

Mr Sanchez won the last two general elections but did not secure sufficient support to form government.

He has drawn condemnation from parties on the right of the political spectrum, who accuse him of joining forces with separatist parties in the Basque Country and Catalonia in a bid to form a coalition of the Left, they say, at the expense of Spain’s territorial unity.

Mr Sanchez has countered that he is seeking to build a coalition of progressive parties that will finally enable a government after months of political stagnation.
Yesterday, La Linea’s PSOE said the graffiti on the walls of its headquarters would not deter the party from its aim.

“No cowardly fascist graffiti will crush our democratic political convictions nor our support for our Secretary General [Pedro Sanchez},” the La Linea branch of PSIE said in a statement.

“Respect for democracy is our strongest argument.”

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