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Local researcher contributes to Britain’s Distant Seas book

Dr Darren Fa

The University of Gibraltar’s Director of Academic Programmes and Research, Dr Darren Fa has contributed to a new book focusing on the marine environment of the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs).
The book titled ‘Britain’s Distant Seas: the waters of the UK Overseas Territories’ and includes a chapter on Gibraltar.
Locally contributions have also been made by Cetacean expert Rocio Espada who co-authored the chapter, and Nicky Martinez, Steve Warren, Daren Cassano and Danny Kessler who all contributed photographs.
Stephen Warr and Clive Crisp from the Department of Environment also contributed.
The book penned by Stewart McPherson is published by Redfern Natural History Productions and is aimed towards a younger audience.

“I met Stewart several years ago whilst he was out on the Rock working on a documentary on the UK’s Overseas Territories - subsequently screened on the BBC - and an accompanying book which were released as ‘Britain’s Treasure Islands’,” Mr McPherson said.
“In discussions, it was evident that he felt that the marine world of the UKOTs deserved its own publication.”
“In due course, Stewart approached me as well as other locally-based marine researchers and photographers to contribute to a chapter on Gibraltar’s waters.”
The author hopes to raise awareness of the incredible and often threatened marine biodiversity of the waters surrounding the UK Overseas Territories.
The book includes colour photographs that illustrate the variety of marine life found across the diverse locations of the OTs, including in Gibraltar waters.

Since its publication, 20,000 copies of the book have been donated to schools across the UK and the OTs.
“I feel the true value of this project lies in donating copies of it to libraries and schools,” Dr Fa said.
“It has the potential to open the minds of readers to the richness of not just marine life in Gibraltar, but also those of other Overseas Territories across the globe in all seven major oceans and seas.”
“I hope that the book encourages positive action to protect these areas by raising awareness, shining a spotlight on the issues threatening the survival of these ecosystems and help to protect them for the benefit of future generations.”

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