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Lynx have disappointing match in front of goal

Host Hovocubo, who were in charge of hosting the Futsal Champions League preliminary group matches in which Lynx participated paid their respect to the Gibraltar club’s owner. Prior to the start of the match a public announcement explained that the Lynx owner had departed to Gibraltar in order to attend the funeral of his mother who had passed away during the tournament. Hovocubo presenting their public condolences to Me Parody through a well received gesture of respect. Gibraltar's futsal Champions Lynx played Scotland’s Futsal Champions PYF Saltires
Wearing black armbands Lynx started the match positively. A mistake by Saltires gave the ball away with two Lynx players facing one Saltires defender. A simple pass across set up Lopez for an early goal.
Jose Marie, Lynx’s keeper, was soon tested sticking a foot out to save from a shot at goal. The subsequent corner soon saw Lynx back in control.
El Andaloussi was to break quick from the back. His shot cleared by Saltires keeper as Lynx kept up their attacks on Saltires goal in the early minutes.
Lynx were unlucky as just a foot away from the goal line the ball fell behind a Lynx player to stop long enough to be cleared before he had a chance to poke it in.
A minute later Lynx smashed the ball against the post as they tried for their second. Diaz was to run in again this time denied by the keeper.
Saltires were finding it hard at the back but kept Lynx from scoring and created their own opportunities. Lynx’s lack of luck in front of goal provide Saltires with some hope as they broke several times quickly to try level the score.
They were to succeed with one of their breaks as they leveled the score at 1-1. This even though it was Lynx with the main control of the match and seemingly setting the pace.
Lynx had a few moments of panic as they failed to clear what were easy high balls towards the final four minutes of the half.
A shot at goal in the last minute graced past the wrong side of the post for Lynx as the ball seemed to refuse to go in for them again. With the score at 1-1 Saltires force Jose Marie into several interventions during these last minutes as Saltires countered.
The first half finished with both level at 1-1. Even though Lynx had the greater amount of attempts at goal by far.
The second half started much the same way. Lynx controlling the pace whilst Saltires tightened at the back and countered.
The Scottish team’s patience and composure threatened to overcome Lynx’s control of possession as the match remained level. High pressure from Saltires saw Lynx struggle to move the ball into their area. The Scots using the times they regained possession to have a crack at Lynx’s goal. Luckily for Lynx their initial attempts failing to find the target.
Lynx found the target but the shot was met by a good save with the subsequent corner wasted.
Just moments later a quick break by Lynx with a two versus one saw the ball fall again behind the Lynx player with a clear goal and just the keeper to beat. The yellows starting to feel the frustrations of not being able to finish in front of goal.
Lynx were punished for not finishing a clear chance at goal as Saltires responded by scoring their second and going into the lead.
The yellows seemed to lose their confidence in front of goal with their next three attempts easily blocked. The Scottish champions gaining momentum as the minutes ticked away. Keeping to their game plan Saltires pressed high, waited and tried for goal when they regained the ball.
Jose Marie was forced into a brave save at the feet of Saltires forward ensuring his goal was protected on one occasion.
Lynx start to put more urgency in their game but we’re failing to capitalize in the last third of the pitch. Saltires instead delivered the biggest danger with fewer but more confident attempts at goal.
With five minutes remaining Saltires added their third. The Lynx players looking despondent.
Lynx risked taking their keeper off in favour of that additional player outfield. Needing two goals they had little to lose now.
Saltires responded by dropping deep effectively closing the gates in front of goal. One loose ball saw a quick chip forward for their fourth goal.
The Scottish side we’re showing that even without the control of the possession you could win matches if you made your opportunities count. Something Lynx had on the night failed to do.
Saltires added their fifth through a quick counter. A mistake between the keeper and final player left for the easiest of tap-in just a foot from the line. Saltires winning 5-1 in what was a disappointing match in front of goal for the yellow and blacks. A match in which Lynx had set the pace but not delivered with goals.

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