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MAG donates musical instruments to PossAbilities

Photos by Johnny Bugeja

The Musicians Association of Gibraltar (MAG) recently presented a collection of musical instruments to ‘PossAbilities’ for their music therapy sessions.

This donation aims to enhance the centre’s Music Therapy sessions and offer valuable musical experiences to its users.

“Music Therapy has shown to have numerous benefits, including aiding in emotional expression, communication skills, and overall well-being,” said a statement from MAG.

“Understanding the significance of this approach, MAG has stepped forward to support the centre’s efforts in utilising music as a universal language of harmony and healing.”

"We are thrilled to contribute to the exceptional work that the PossAbilities Centre does for the community. Music has an incredible ability to connect people beyond words, and we believe in its potential to bring joy and comfort to individuals facing various challenges."

The donated instruments range from percussion to stringed instruments, accommodating a wide spectrum of musical preferences.

This variety ensures that users can engage in music-making in a way that resonates with them personally.

“The instruments will be utilised during Music Therapy sessions, enabling participants to explore their creativity and improve their cognitive, emotional, and skills in an enjoyable and inclusive environment,” said the statement from MAG.

MAG added that the partnership between the Association and ‘PossAbilities’ exemplifies the positive impact that collaboration between arts and community organisations can have.

The Association said this underscores the universality of music as a medium that transcends barriers and promotes understanding.

"Music is a bridge that connects hearts and minds, and MAG is honoured to be a part of this bridge-building process," stated Michael Crome, a representative of the Musicians Association of Gibraltar.

“We look forward to witnessing the transformative effects of music within the PossAbilities Centre and beyond."

A statement from MAG added they remain committed to fostering the growth of music within the community, and this donation marks another step towards achieving that goal.

“By supporting the PossAbilities Centre's Music Therapy initiative, MAG not only reinforces its dedication to the musical arts but also underscores the power of music to inspire, heal, and unite,” the statement said.

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