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Manchester 62 to partner with Gibraltar Alzheimer's & Dementia Society in drive to increase awareness in sport

Manchester 62 FC Club will this Thursday announce an official partnership between Manchester 62 FC and The Gibraltar Alzheimer's & Dementia Society in what the club says will see them “join the GADS’s fight to spread awareness and provide funding support for research against the Alzheimer's disease.”
The announcement comes after the club also announced earlier this summer recently partnered with the Gibraltar Alzheimer's & Dementia Society in their efforts to raise awareness to the long-lasting effects of heading balls in professional football and attempting to bring headgear to the sport as a whole. The club also having introduced a policy for its players to wear headgear at matches.

“Alzheimer's disease directly or indirectly affects hundreds of millions of people around the world, and these numbers will continue to increase if we are unable to find a cure. This is the harsh reality that all of us at some point must face, but we do not have to face this reality alone. Organizations around the globe like the Gibraltar Alzheimer's and Dementia Society have paved the way for all of us to have a better understanding of the effects of this disease, while providing the opportunities for our communities to contribute to that education and research so that all of us can join the fight to find a cure for Alzheimers.
“We at Manchester 62 FC are ready to join that fight and we are truly honored and privileged to announce this partnership with the GADS, a partnership that will provide our players and staff the opportunity to contribute to something more than football. It is a responsibility of contribution that we will extend to our future partnerships, as we will request from all of our potential sponsors of Manchester 62 FC this season and beyond, to make a financial contribution to the GADS to assist in their efforts towards helping the senior community and the families affected by this disease in Gibraltar, providing an opportunity for the companies we represent on our kit to be part of something more than the beautiful game,” stated Michael Anton Monsour, owner and President of Manchester 62 FC.
GADS Chairman Daphne Alcantar also stated, “The club and the GADS will be working in a partnership to raise awareness and a better understanding of dementia, to ensure that more people from the football community are aware of the signs of dementia and hopefully make a significant difference to the lives of those living with dementia. Dementia can be truly devastating, stripping people of their memories, abilities and connections to the world, but with the right Support and Understanding people can continue to enjoy life for longer and live better with the condition.
“Sport, football (in particular) has a unique role to play in making this possible, it connects people of all ages, races and backgrounds, it builds MEMORIES that lasts a lifetime and engages people with with dementia like nothing else. Education is key and we believe that together we can showcase the Power of Football to help change the way we TALK, ACT and THINK about dementia and make our help change the lives for the better for people living with dementia in a Dementia Friendly community.
“This partnership with Manchester 62 is a GAME CHANGER! It is a huge step in changing how people experience dementia within the sporting industry and ensure that families know they don't have to face dementia alone. Together we will make a difference to the lives of people affected by dementia today for generations to come.”

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