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Mayfair on Main ‘Rock-oco’ show launches latest collection

Images by David Rodriguez, Dora Gómez, Antonio López

Mayfair on Main recently held ‘Rock-oco’, a hair show that not only showcased hair throughout the ages from the 1920s through to this current day, but also its latest collection called ‘Elements’.

Owner of the salon Sarah Carreras explains that at Mayfair on Main they create their own hair collections, and set the trends for the next season.

“The show incorporated two of our collections ‘Identity’, which came out last year, and became internationally acclaimed. And, our new ‘Elements’ collection, which has just come out for Autumn Winter,” she said.

Rock-oco, formed part of Gibraltar’s National Week celebrations and was presented by international broadcaster Goldierocks.

The first half of the event took everyone on a journey through time starting in the 1920s through a variety of catwalk style shows showcasing the different hair, fashion and music styles from each era with music performed live by a musical ensemble under the musical direction of Miguel Monge.

Guests were then treated to live performances by headline singer Stephanie Benson aka Princess Akua Ohenewaa Asieanem of Kokobin who continued the immersive experience by singing and dancing around guest’s tables.

It was the first time the hair collection ‘Elements’ was shown to the public.

Ms Carreras explained further what a hair collection is.

“Basically, if you think about fashion collections, every season fashion brands come out with the new looks for the new season. So the key shapes, the key colours, the key styles, it's exactly the same in hair.”

“And what we do is we set the trends for the next season.”

“We write those trends so that the industry and the public can see and follow those trends. We are there to inspire both industry and the general public.”

Mayfair on Main has created two types of collections. One is a wearable art collection, and the other is artistic, which is much more catwalk focus, so quite extravagant and quite artistic.

All of Mayfair on Mains’ collections have a message behind them.

“They portray a message based on the current day and the current client base,” said Ms Carreras.

“With ‘Elements’ we are showcasing the fact that the Earth needs to be treated with respect and needs to be preserved.”

“We are looking to tackle our sustainability issues. So the actual concept of a message behind the collection is about caring for mother nature.”

“And in the ‘Elements’ collection we showcase all of the elements. So air, fire, water, and the looks, as you can imagine, are somewhere along the lines of the elements. You can expect some blue some sort of turquoise seas in there some fiery red smiley auburns. So all the colours of the elements actually make up our collection.”

“The idea behind it is obviously setting the trends for 2023 but also setting the trends with a message so it's like fashion or beauty with a purpose. This is hair with a message.”

The creative team at Mayfair on Main comprise of 10 people who have been involved in the key creation of the books led by artistic director Nathan Aron, and Mrs Carreras in terms of the overall production.

“We've worked quite hard on it for the last few months to bring it out just in to coincide with the show, because we were clear that we wanted to launch part of the collection live,” said Ms Carreras.

Mr Aron’s passion for the launch of ‘Elements’ is high, as was his passion for the hairshow, where they put hair, music and fashion all together.

“The point we tried to make is to bring a world of beauty, and place it in the front of our guests in a very immersive way,” he said.

“It's an idea that I had a few years ago, to create an immersive show of hair and beauty, which is very rarely done even around the world.”
“Usually, it's on a stage or a catwalk.”

The show a success and now over he is back to focusing on sculpting, cutting, styling and colouring with the team in the busy Main Street salon.

He draws from both collections, the first being ‘Identity’ which is meant to challenge the concept of identity, how we identify ourselves and identify other people, and gender roles. Therefore the collection has more of an androgynous look.

“We're trying to say, you can still be who you are. And don't be afraid to shine,” said Mr Aron.

‘Elements’ is inspired from the element of nature.

“The purpose of this collection is to make all of us a bit aware of our planet and what's going on around it and to challenge ourselves to think of caring, protecting, for the future generations.”

“We have looks inspired from the colours of these elements, bold moves, some bold colours which depends on the element they're portraying.”

“We're trying to put an emphasis on obviously environment and keep it nice and clean the planet, the sea, the water, the forest, the air, and so on, of course for ourselves but not only it’s also for the future generations to come.”

Mr Aron, as an artistic director, sees his role as bringing the best out of who a person is or who they would like to be.

“Because sometimes those two are not the same thing. Sometimes you might come on the chair and want to look like something that's slightly different or it's just another side of who you are,” he said.

“We are more than one side, just like a diamond, multiple faces.”

“And sometimes we want only want one light to shine on us.”

“So we are here and I'm here to see all of that and to help you portray that in your day to day life.”

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