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Megan levels right on the buzzer

Bavaria 25-25 GJBS Europa Elite
It was tight first quarter which saw Bavaria and GJBS Europa Elite fighting it out in the first match of the first division Spring Cup.
Bavaria fell behind at first but from 3-4 down they went 5-4 ahead with two minutes left of first period. They stepped up and opened the gap to 6-4.
With just 20 seconds left GJBS Europa Elite shortened to 6-5 but Bavaria came back with one more shot before buzzer to make it 7-5.
Bavaria started well the second period after GJBS Europa Elite failed to convert at the start. Three consecutive baskets saw them go 10-5 ahead. Some good flowing movement seeing them play around their opponents defence for a while.
Good defending at both ends took the game end to end without scoring for some minutes.
With five minutes left on the clock GJBS Europa Elite shortened the gap to 10-6. Megan Martinez struck back adding two more to her tally to take the score to 12-6.
GJBS Europa Elite did not hold back and scored their own two although this was soon cancelled out by Megan’s efficiency to make it 14-8. GJBS immediately coming back to cut it down to 14-9. The last second of the period saw Bavaria take the score to 15-9 as they looked as taking the tie by storm.
Bavaria again started the third quarter scoring first taking the score to 16-9. Joelle Moreno after the third attempt made it 16-10.
GJBS Europa Elite picked up the pace and started to see their offensive making ground but not enough to cut the deficit fast enough. With five minutes left of the quarter the score was at 17-12 and GJBS Europa Elite’s efficiency under the basket not quite what they would have liked.
Some good defensive work at the back was not quite matched upfront although GJBS Europa Elite kept clawing back slowly bringing it to 17-14 with two minutes left for the end of the period.
With a minute left they reduced the deficit to just two points. Good defending opening the opportunity to regain possession and take it to 17-16 as they pressure now mounted in Bavaria who has lost a substantial advantage they had started the period with.
With just one point difference between them the fourth period has everything to play for both teams.
GJBS Europa Elite started the period on fire levelling the score from the start. Bavaria responding immediately to regain the one point lead at 18-17.
Against GJBS Europa Elite was to level at 18-18.
Regaining possession GJBS Europa Elite took the lead and opened a four points gap with six minutes left on the clock.
Bavaria cut it down to three to make it 19-22 but we’re being forced in their play as they advanced. With five minutes left Megan’s efficiency was the difference as she narrowed the gap to one point. Elite however responded immediately to take it to 21-23. Again Bavaria responded to take it to just the point difference the clock ticking down fast for both.
With just sixty second left on the clock Bavaria remained the two points behind at 23-25 but came to reduce it again to just the point with thirty seconds left.
GJBS Europa Elite missed their chance to increase the gap and Bavaria scored just as the buzzer went to level the score at 25-25 in what was a dramatic finish taking the match into extra time.
Megan Martinez once again hitting a bullseye.

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