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Mons Calpe join Lynx on nineteen points as first round finishes

Mons Calpe 5-0 Manchester 62

Mons Calpe’s pressure and slick play paid dividends in the first half as they went into the break with a 3-0 lead.
Although Casciaro and Guilling were in the newly revamped Manchester 62 side, they could not match Mons Calpe as they saw their opponents take the lead and provide themselves with a comfortable advantage for the remainder of the match.
Manchester 62 tried to regain some ground and did not let the 3-0 scoreline deter them from trying to make their own opportunities. Putting pressure on Mons Calpe when they had the ball Manchester was able to regain some control of the game for some moments. However their finishing was not there losing the ball many a time in the final third.
The second half saw Manchester 62 come out trying to regain some ground. Enormous high pressure from Manchester stole ball on the hour mark outside mons Calpe’s penalty box but were unable to finish. In contrast play went to the other end of the pitch and after losing possession Mons Calpe put on their own pressure and ended with possession just metres from six yard box driving the ball, past keeper for the fourth.
Mons Calpe lifted their game and retook possession and control of the match pushing their opponents back. Although Manchester 62 did try and break forward, the match seemed to slow down with mons Calpe taking the lead.
Some mistakes at the back saw Manchester 62 conceded a corner on the 85th minute. Unable to clear properly Vinale’s found himself picking another ball from inside the nets as Mons Calpe scored at the far post, making it 5-0.
The three points ensures that Mons Calpe start their Championship stage joint in points with Lynx who sit fourth on the table due to their higher goal difference. Opening already a four point gap with Lions Gibraltar.
Mons Calpe will once again play this Tuesday in what will be their first match in the championship group stage.

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