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OTWO campaign highlights sustainable transport

OTWO has launched the second bus advert in its sustainable transport campaign for Walk the City.

This is a year-long initiative focused on sustainable transportation in Gibraltar.

“This design is to inspire residents and visitors in Gibraltar to explore the city on foot, emphasizing the many benefits of walking as an eco-friendly mode of transportation,” a spokesperson for OTWO said.

“The campaign, prominently displayed on a dedicated bus, is now live on the streets of Gibraltar and will continue to inspire the public for an entire year.”

“The 'Walk the City' campaign has gained the support of 30 local and international companies, all of which have recognized the importance of promoting sustainable transportation and reducing the carbon footprint of urban travel.”

The 'Walk the City' campaign is not only a visually appealing presence on the streets but also an educational platform that underscores the health, environmental, and community benefits of walking as a mode of transportation, the OTWO spokesperson said.

It encourages the public to leave their cars behind and embrace the pleasures of discovering Gibraltar on foot.

In addition to 'Walk the City,' OTWO has plans to roll out its final bus, Share the City, before the end of the year.

This campaign focuses on the advantages of using public transport as a means of getting around Gibraltar instead of relying on personal vehicles.

By providing clear information and appealing visuals, Share the City aims to reduce congestion, lower carbon emissions, and make the city more accessible to all, the spokesperson added.

“OTWO is immensely proud to have the support of these 30 remarkable companies and all the past companies that have supported our sustainable transport campaign as a whole – a total of now 65 companies which recognize the significance of sustainable transportation," said Vanessa Byrne, Director of OTWO.

“Their commitment to this campaign showcases their dedication to making Gibraltar a greener, healthier, and more vibrant city for all.”

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