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Parody claims GDA Masters Ranking No. 2 title

Last Friday the George Federico Darts Hall hosted the second of seven Ranking Tournament of the Darts Season, the GDA Masters.

40 players turned up to try and gain ranking points and climb the Ranking tables.

The initial rounds of this seeded tournament are played as best of 7 legs. Six of the eight seeded players progressed comfortably to the Quarter finals. Nº3 seed David Francis narrowly lost his board final to Carlos Muñoz 4-3, having beaten Shane Smith 4-0 in the 1st Round. Nº5 seed Christian Tosso lost his 1st Round match 4-2 to Guillermo Mascarenhas.

Following some fiercely contested matches the quarter-final line up was as follows;

Dyson Parody 4 – 1 Sean Negrette

Roy Asquez 4 – 3 Jarvis Bautista

Craig Galliano 4 – 2 Carlos Muñoz

Antony Lopez 4 –3 Justin Hewitt


Roy Asquez could not keep up with strong scoring by Dyson Parody who won the match 5-1.

Antony Lopez took on a very determined Craig Galliano and was able to secure the victory 5-4


Dyson Parody V Antony Lopez

Antony won the Bull throw and scored well but Dyson was the first to throw for doubles hitting D20 with his 2nddart, leaving Antony trailing on 132.

Dyson pulled out a 3-0 lead hitting a maximum 180 on each of the next 2 legs, finishing on D8 & D16.

The fourth leg was claimed by Antony hitting a D15 after missing D20 & D10, with Dyson missing 8 shots at a double.

Dyson followed up with another 180 maximum, taking the leg with D16, and took out the next leg with the same double to establish a comfortable 5-1 lead.

Antony had a bit of a resurgence in the next, checking out D12 leaving Dyson trailing with 121.

It was not enough however as Antony missed 2 D20’s to let Dyson secure the title by hitting a D14.

Dyson Parody 6 – 2 Antony Lopez

180’s: Dyson Parody x 5, Antony Lopez, Craig Galliano x 3, Varian Israel, Dylan Duo Sr, Christian Tosso, Harry Parody, Jarvis Bautista, Sean Negrette x 1

High Finishes: Antony Lopez 156 &110, Dyson Parody 121, Roy Asquez 120 &101, Jarvis Bautista, George Federico 100

Congratulations to Dyson Parody, commiserations to Antony Lopez!

Preliminary Round
Joseph Sanchez 4-0 Darren Olivero
Dayle Ramirez 4-1 Johnny Remorino
Carlos Munoz 4-2 Dylan Duo Snr
Harry Parody 4-3 Chris Dalli
Helen Olivero 4-3 Luie Gaivizo
Geroge Ramos 4-1 Francis Remorino
Jeremy Cruz 4-2 Adam Orfila
George Federico 4-0 Varian Israel

First Round
Dyson Parody 4-1 Christian Asquez
Justin Broton 4-0 Joeseph Sanchez
Antony Lopez 4-1 Adam Roche
Dayle Ramirez 4-0 Denis Sheehan
David Francis 4-0 Shane Smith
Carlos Munoz 4-0 Kevagn Periera
Roy Asquez 4-0 Jayce Asquez
Harry Parody 4-1 Dylan Duo Jnr
Guillermo Mascharenas 4-2 Christian Tosso
Jarvis Bautista 4-0 Helen Olivero
Craig Galliano 4-0 William Pisani
George Ramos 4-1 Daryl Vassalo
Justin Hewitt 4-0 Kean Olivero
Jeremy Cruz 4-1 Arthur Asquez
Sean Negrette 4-0 Maxi Broton
George Federico 4-1 Charlie Borastero

Last 16
Dyson Parody 4-1 Justin Broton
Antony Lopez 4-1 Dayle Ramirez
Carlos Munoz 4-3 David Francis
Roy Asquez 4-0 Harry Parody
Jarvis Bautista 4-1 Guillermo Mascharenas
Craig Galliano 4-0 George Ramos
Justin Hewitt 4-0 Jeremy Cruz
Sean Negrette 4-3 George Federico

Dyson Parody 4-1 Sean Negrette
Roy Asquez 4-3 Jarvis Bautista
Craig Galliano 4-2 Carlos Munoz
Antony Lopez 4-3 Justin Hewitt

Dyson Parody 5-1 Roy Asquez
Antony Lopez 5-4 Craig Galliano

Dyson Parody 6-2 Antony Lopez

Courtesy Gibraltar Darts Association

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