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Police issue advice following spate of scams

Following the recent spate of telephone scams the Royal Gibraltar Police has reiterated its advice to the public to remain vigilant to these scams and be prudent in replying to missed calls.
This comes after a new phone scam did the rounds in Gibraltar last week which saw local residents receive calls from a Croatia area code.
This was followed by another telephone scam yesterday, this time emanating from a Nauru area code.
The RGP has therefore issued some advice to the public to help them avoid becoming victims of the scam.
“If you have a missed call from a number you are unfamiliar with, or the number is an international number from which you are not expecting a call or the call originates in a country in which you have no relations, friends or business interests and about which you are generally uneasy or suspicious then do not call back.”
“The same applies if you have received a text or WhatsApp message from an international telephone number requesting you to call back urgently,” police said.
“Returning the call or replying to the texts could result in contacting a premium rate line with the consequently high telephone charges.”

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