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Police launch review in search of new leads in three-year murder probe

The Royal Gibraltar Police has launched a deep review of its three-year investigation into the suspected murder of Michael Montegriffo in a bid to open new leads in this unsolved case.

Officers from the RGP’s Criminal Investigation Department are combing through all the evidence gathered since Mr Montegriffo’s death in 2018.

Mr Montegriffo, 58, was discovered by a member of the public lying on the pavement on Prince Edward’s Road by Gavino’s Dwellings bleeding from an injury to his head on Saturday morning, July 7, 2018.

He died from his injuries in hospital that same day.

The murder probe was launched after two post mortems established that Mr Montegriffo died of injuries that were not consistent with having fallen from a height or being struck by a passing vehicle.

Detectives investigating his death have followed numerous leads in the past three years but have yet to charge anyone in connection to his death.

Last year, the RGP called in a team of seasoned detectives from the Greater Manchester Police Major Crimes Unit to conduct a peer review of the case and analyse all the evidence collected so far.

The GMP team prepared a report and made recommendations that will now be followed as part of the RGP’s own review of the case, which is already underway with a core team of officers that will be bolstered with additional manpower resources as necessary.

“It’s as if we were starting from scratch,” said Inspector Albert Fernandez, who is leading the team of investigators.

The officers conducting the review will bring “new eyes to an old problem” and the hope is that this renewed effort will lead to a breakthrough in the investigation.

In parallel, police also repeated earlier appeals for witnesses to come forward with any information that might be of assistance.

A £25,000 reward remains in place for any such information.

Although police have had some feedback from the public in the past three years, there have been no significant advances in the case.

In the past, police have also drawn on the services of an external forensics expert and a behavioural analyst to assist in the investigation.

Detectives have a working theory that the assailant was known to the victim and that the two had been in conflict prior to Mr Montegriffo’s murder.

They believe that the assailant was in the area where Mr Montegriffo was found for a legitimate purpose, living there, working there or visiting another person who resided there.

Police have previously said they believe this person may have acted impulsively after losing their temper and that this type of anger, hostility, and impulsivity would carry over into other relationships and conflicts.

In the days following the crime, people around the person may have noticed certain common post-incident behaviours, including suddenly departing the area temporarily or permanently, changes in mood or demeanour, changes in lifestyle patterns, increasing or eliminating use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol, and withdrawing from social contact with others.

The person may have also changed their appearance with a new hair style or facial hair, and may also have paid abnormal attention to news coverage of this particular incident and may continue to do so.

Anyone with any information they believe might be of assistance to the RGP investigating officers is requested to contact the Duty Officer at New Mole House on 200 72500.

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