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Renewing everlasting love at the Cathedral

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Local couples celebrated landmark anniversaries as they renewed their vows to each other once again. The marriage renewal ceremony was recently held at the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned where over 35 couples celebrated their anniversaries. The ceremony was presided by the Bishop of Gibraltar Carmel Zammit.

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Love was in the air at marriage renewal ceremony where longstanding couples reflected on a life spent in holy matrimony.

The couples received certificates recognising their marriage anniversaries at the event organised by the Christian Family Movement.

“Here we are celebrating that from that moment from the grace of God you have kept your promises,” said Bishop Zammit.

“What you did in your marriage was an act of faith in God and an act of faith in yourselves.”

Bishop Zammit added that marriage is a commitment for life that is “fruitful, faithful and forever”.

Louis and Kitty Pereira celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary and have decided to renew their vows every year after their 60th.

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Their love story that spans decades started during the Second World War when the pair was evacuated to Madeira.

“We were evacuated to Madeira in 1940, I was 13 and Kitty was 10,” Mr Pereira said.

“She was a friend of my sister so we met there, we were very young and it was not until we came back to Gibraltar some time later that we started going out together.”

It has been 67 years since the couple have been engaged and they both fondly reflected on their years together.

This year will be Mr Pereira’s 93rd birthday and Kitty will be celebrating her 90th birthday this month.

“A long happy marriage is to be positive all the time and to love one another,” Mr Pereira said.

“A family is the most important part of my life.”

Mrs Pereira laughed and chimed in that she is very happy with her husband.

Teresa and Sergio Martinez were celebrating their 60th anniversary having met 70 years ago.

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

The pair met when Sergio was in the army and Teresa was a nurse, together they have a daughter and two grandchildren. Their grandchildren are aged 37 and 29.

Mrs Martinez also ran the Mary Poppins nursery for 41 years where she loved taking care of the children.

The secret of their long marriage is a lot of patience.

“As you get older you have a lot of patience and you have to look after each other,” Mrs Martinez said.

“I can’t complain I have had quite a good marriage.”

Victor and Maria Dolores Risso were also celebrating their 60th anniversary and had known each other all their lives.

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Renewing Marriage Vows 010219 (Photo John Bugeja)

Mr Risso remembered how his wife used to visit his parents’ house when they were both children.

Mr Risso called a funny story when she visited the house one day when he was shaving his face and he hit her on the head with the foamy brush.

It was after this incident that love blossomed and they started dating.

Albert and Maria Del Carmen Barnes, Eliott and Janet Federico, Robert and Mary Elizabeth Gerada, Pepe Luis and Caroline Gracia, John and Mari Carmen Jones, Anthony and Carmen Lima, James and Christine Nunez, Douglas and Olympia Reyes, Stanley Paul and Violet Riley, Francis and Sylvia Sheriff

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Dick Joseph and Marilyn Josephine Azopardi, Manuel and Dorothy Durante, Joseph Anthony and Maria Elena Falero, James and Ana Ferro, Kenneth and Maria Del Lourdes Lucas, James and Giovanna McKay, Robert and Moira Peliza, Brian and Freida Lourdes Perez, Salvatore and Gloria Violet Raineri, Derek Alfred and Patricia Sene, Raphael and Magdalena Tosso, Clive Albert and Marie Carmen Zammit

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Pics by Johnny Bugeja

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