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Resounding victory for Mons Calpe (Match Report)

The critics of the Gibraltar National League once again were to seize the moment. A resounding 9-1 victory by Mons Calpe against College 1975 was to add to the number of matches which have seen heavy score lines in just two rounds.
Mons Calpe had themselves been inflicted a 5-1 defeat at the hands of Lynx in the very first match of the season. College 1975 had also conceded seven goals against St Joseph’s just days earlier.
With just two rounds of matches the newly merged league had already shown some clear-cut lines being formed which would create a two-tier division. The critics had been out since even before a ball had been kicked, many already describing the league as a “Sunday League.”
Mons Calpe had been a surprise though with their 5-1 defeat at the hands of Lynx somewhat of a mismatch compared to last season’s performance in which they were among the top sides.
The loss of key players and changes in the backscenes at the club had left it with a weakened side in comparison to last season. The likes of Pibe having left the club already. After their defeat they went out to show that critics were wrong about them. It took them just three minutes to do this as Robba scored the first. Within eight minutes Mons Calpe were already 2-0 up adding a third just five minutes later.
They were held for the rest of the half as College 1975 went into half time with a 3-0 deficit.
The second half was to start with College 1975 scoring through Urenda.
Their joy was short lived as Carboni struck again on 51 and went on to complete his hattrick just a few minutes later.
Mons Calpe was to see Robba finishing with two goals alongside Carella with both Vinet and Morgan taking one each.
The 9-1 victory pushed Mons Calpe into the top half of the table as the National League comes to an abrupt stop for the international break.
With just a few days left for the close of the transfer window many a team will be looking at the first two rounds of matches and whether they can reinforce their squads.
Teams such as Glacis United will be hoping that some of the players that are waiting for the completion of the international release process will provide the added reinforcement to their squad. The prospect of more high scores likely to add further fuel against the merger of the divisions by some.

College 1975 FC Lineup
1 Ayala Orrillo (GK)
4 Hammond
5 Hughes (C)
6 Palao ( Borrell - 64’)
7 Matto ( Franco - 66’)
8 Pereira
9 Pacheco lopez ( Morales Sanchez - 60’)
10 Urenda
20 Romero
24 Sabastro
26 Dechraoui Pinero

13 Rodriguez Pineda (GK)
11 Navarro Figueroa
14 Franco
15 Ruiz Lopez
16 Roche
22 Morales Sanchez
23 Borrell

Mons Calpe SC Lineup
1 Fraiz Garcia (GK)
2 Dos Santos
4 Santos
8 Vinet
10 Macarro ( Leon Exposito - 67’)
11 Robba
18 Carboni ( Carella - 60’)
20 Trenas
24 Goicoechea
29 Colace
32 Ronco ( Morgan - 55’)

30 Penfold (GK)
3 Leon Exposito
5 Gil
7 Castle
9 Morgan
14 Carella
28 El Hmidi

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